(Proper) Self-care with Kate Lund

Recently self-care seems to have become synonymous with expensive facemasks and canceling plans. What is self-care, actually? And how can we practice it properly? Kate and Paula talk strategies, awareness and making time for yourself.

Kate Lund is a photographer, illustrator, plant mama, and a generally celestial being.

You can find her here: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kate.lund/

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Coping While Job Hunting with Jennifer Laycock

For many (including us), job hunting is a modern form of psychological torture. This week Jen and Paula talk about how they manage the job-hunting process, and the stress that goes with it. Jen talks about how you can make your own opportunities. Paula talks about the benefits of having a designated crying time (also known as ‘worry time’ or a ‘worry list’).

 Jennifer is an award-winning actor and director, clown, theatre creator, entrepreneur, environmental activist, and all-round boss babe.

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