Not Getting What You Want with Steve Pirie

Ah yes, not getting what you want. It can be pretty nifty in life actually. Failure, as we’ve said before on Stumble Through, is a big part of any process. In this episode we unpack how you can use failure, and the options you have when faced with it.

Steve Pirie is many things, all of them playful and tender and wise. I am so glad that I convinced him to sit down with me. You can scroll down to find his plays for less than $15 each, and then, in a way, you could also sit down with him.

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Juggling Multiple Priorities as a Creative with Peter Wood

From now on, let us all assume that everyone (yes, everyone) is busy, tired, and probably stressed. Why? Well it might have something to do with all the priorities we are juggling. Everyone knows that this is a basic fact of adult life, but it's still tough to deal with. This week, Paula chats to Peter Wood about what we can do to better manage all the projects, work, appointments, and basic human needs like sleep and social interaction.

Produced by That’s Not Canon Productions. Graphics by Claudia Piggott. Music by Jessica Fletcher.

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(Proper) Self-care with Kate Lund

Recently self-care seems to have become synonymous with expensive facemasks and canceling plans. What is self-care, actually? And how can we practice it properly? Kate and Paula talk strategies, awareness and making time for yourself.

Kate Lund is a photographer, illustrator, plant mama, and a generally celestial being.

You can find her here: Instagram:

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Coping While Job Hunting with Jennifer Laycock

For many (including us), job hunting is a modern form of psychological torture. This week Jen and Paula talk about how they manage the job-hunting process, and the stress that goes with it. Jen talks about how you can make your own opportunities. Paula talks about the benefits of having a designated crying time (also known as ‘worry time’ or a ‘worry list’).

 Jennifer is an award-winning actor and director, clown, theatre creator, entrepreneur, environmental activist, and all-round boss babe.

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