That’s Not Canon

Who Are We?

That’s Not Canon Productions is an independent podcast network and co-operative. Founded in 2017 by Zane C Weber, TNC is a collection of creative people who think that podcasting is the media of the future AND an activity done with friends!

We are a diverse group of people from around Australia who take pride in what we have to say and trying to make a difference with how we say it.

There are no genre-barriers here and we span the podcast spectrum with pods representing irreverent comedy and improv, to true-crime, to debating, and podcasting itself! Above all else That’s Not Canon aims to produce quality content and foster others to do the same!

What DO WE DO?

That’s Not Canon supports new podcasters in finding their voice and their audience; and helping them find their way in the wild west that is the current podcasting trends. Also we help existing podcasts expand their reach, improve their quality and get rewards for their hard work!

In practical terms, we help our podcasters with equipment, expertise, advice, and promotion. TNC’s membership represents as vast knowledge of podcasting processes and the podcasting industry, and that is the rel value we offer to each other - having someone to turn to when you need help or inspiration.

It all started when…

Zane C Weber wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, but his players were away. How was this problem solved? By recording the sessions! One thing led to another and the first That’s Not Canon Productions podcast made it’s way to the internet - Law & DISORDER was born.

Soon following was Second Take Podcast, inspired when some of the same Dungeons and Dragons nerds got together to talk about films. Then came One Third of Life when Zane was dissatisfied with the current options when it came to sleep podcasts, quickly followed by Musicals Taught Me Everything I Know, My Songs Suck and Mighty Motion Picture Rangers.

From there the rest is history. Friends and acquaintances at first, then others who were looking for podcast advice and assistance joined ranks to form That’s Not Canon Productions.

It has been a whirlwind ride so far, and things are only looking up as we head into the future.