That’s Not Canon

Who Are We?

That’s Not Canon Productions is an independent podcast network and co-operative that gives a platform for creators to tell interesting, innovative, and sometimes slightly insane stories.


Getting your ideas out there in the vast wilderness that is today’s podcast environment can feel a little like screaming into the void. TNC can help with everything from workshopping ideas, to recording your show, to good old fashioned shameless self-promotion – everything you need to get your tales into the earbuds of commuters and data entry clerks everywhere. Best of all, you’ll have access to a great group of people who share your passion for podcasting and will support you and your show.


TNC began when a group of busy friends who couldn’t be in the same room wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons together, and it has expanded into a network of pals across Australia who run the gamut of genres, from musical theatre to comedy, conspiracy theories to true crime, to all the bad, bad movies that somehow get released and all the freaky bizness that your fave characters got up to at Hogwarts. Podcasting really is the media of the future, and there’s no idea too niche or too whacky to not be shared with the world.


At it’s heart, TNC is a network of friends and experts who are committed to creating the best independent content they can, and having fun while creating it.