Haunted Jail Tour!

In 1901 the city of Brisbane, Queensland Australia built a women’s prison as women in this time were getting out of hand. They would started drinking more and going out with friends… how scandalous. But they soon realised that the women were not reckless and law-breakers! So, they concreted over the ‘W’ and ‘O’ and it became the H.M Prison for Men. Otherwise known as the Boggo Road Gaol. Australia really doesn’t sound like a real place with names like that. Braydon and Belinda took a night tour of this haunted prison. 

Many stories were told about the hauntings and sightings of spirits, including one of the prison cats, Tripod. In this prison 42 prisoners were hung for terrible crimes. One inmate who had tricked a little girl into ‘helping’ him pick wildflowers. His last words are chilling and evil.  Belinda has an interesting experience in one of the cell blocks where the original gallows were out on display that put these vile people to death. Among those people, only one female was executed for the murder of her husband. This is the first of many haunted tours to come, where should we go next? 

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