Braydon and Belinda talk about all things Wendigos! Wendigos are Native American folklore spirits… or are they? The team go over the history of these lanky, tall and unattractive creatures that are Braydon’s all time favourite supernatural beings. Wendigos are said to imitate noises and voices to lure its victims to their doom. Belinda does her best to remember a story about wendigos that she heard of, or read no someone told her, wait no – she read it on some internet source at one point, like ages ago. The stories don’t just stop with that amazing one but also a few supposedly true stories from Reddit. A man whose dog just won’t stop barking at something outside in the woods around his beautiful big home that he just moved to with his family that has amazing views. He hears his wife’s voice calling to him in the woods but can see her silhouette in the window of his big beautiful home that has all these amazing views. Then a story of childhood games in the dark mountains on family holidays. Who just lets their children play hide and seek in the dark woods in the first place? 

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