Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis, just a thing that happens when we are sleeping, or can there be some paranormal connection? Sleep paralysis is when the body wakes up during REM sleep. During this sleep the body is in a complete paralytic state while the brain enters a dream state. In this episode Belinda and Braydon chat about this subject and experiences. 

Belinda shares her personal experiences with sleep paralysis and on the way, she discovers this has been happening since she was a small child. What started off as just a figure standing in her door way soon became one on one conversations with that same figure. Chilling. But Belinda isn’t the only one who has had extreme experiences of sleep paralysis, but a friend of team recently had some encounters. A dark, hunched, shadow figure lurks over their friend, Jess, while she’s in complete sleep paralysis. She starts to second guess the figure being real or not when her daughter starts complaining about spiders crawling all over her floor, only discover late that there was nothing there. Entity or hallucination?  

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