The Warrens

With recent passing of Lorraine Warren, the team talk about the legacy she leaves behind as she passes on to join her late husband, Ed Warren. The Warrens were a paranormal investigative team that covered as many as 10,000 cases. Some of these cases more famous and made into movies including the Conjuring Universe and The Amityville Horror. In 1952 The Warrens founded the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR). Braydon and Belinda discuss The Warrens achievements and their museum whose keeper is a priest. The museum isn’t open to the public and if you are to enter the priest blesses and prays over you to ward off any evil that may attach itself to you. 

But with the most infamous paranormal investigators no longer with us, who will take their place? Don’t you worry! Braydon puts Belinda through a series of questions to see if she is up for the task of becoming a paranormal investigator. From picking the paranormal, crime fighting team name to what weapon she’d use in a stand-off with a possessed person.  

What name would you pick for a paranormal investigative team?  

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