Haunted Objects!

In this episode Braydon and Belinda speak about ten – count them – TEN haunted objects. The Dybbuk Box, yes possibly the same one Post Malone touched that one time and ran away. A set of bunkbeds haunted by a witch that causes hallucinations of fiery death rooms. One of the worlds most creepy and haunted paintings, The Anguished Man. Not just the Belcourt Castle and its many haunted objects inside but the chairs in particular. A killer silver vase known as the Bassano Vase. A hauntingly sad tale of a broken-hearted lady and her wedding dress that she never had the chance to wear to her wedding.  Annabelle isn’t the only haunted doll out there, but there is many including a felted doll in a little sailor’s outfit that doesn’t like it when you take photos without asking. A statue that will cause death upon those who touch it, The Woman from Lemb Statue. Another doll (because spirits just love to possess creepy dolls), The Letta-Me-Out Doll a marionette owned by Kerry Walton from their hometown of Brisbane, Queensland! 

Braydon tops it off as he tells a story that happened in his actual childhood home. His parents took a little holiday overseas but what they brought back Braydon had the unfortunate pleasure of encountering. A picture of a little girl, who would have thought it could cause such mayhem. From stealing phones to flipping tables, listen to Belinda get chills as Braydon recalls the story. 

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