Behind The Exorcist

To kick off the very first episode of this podcast Braydon and Belinda discuss the interesting, creepy and very true story of The Exorcism of Roland Doe. In the mid-1940s a 14-year-old boy was alleged to be a victim of demonic possession and was put through four exorcisms. The exorcisms being witnessed by many Jesuits and Priests. Roland had scratches and carvings appear on his body after each exorcism, while also speaking in a guttural voice. Not only this but strange things happened only when he was around. Though the priests concluded that the last exorcism had worked, and the demonic spirits were expelled from his body, some sceptics believed that this behaviour was the result of mental illness or sexual abuse. Some believe just childish behaviour. What side will you sway to – demonic possession or seeking attention? 

This exorcism inspired the infamous 1971 novel and 1973 horror movie “The Exorcist”. Belinda recalls true facts about the supernatural happenings during the making of the film such as sets burning down and malfunctioning rigs. Also talking of an incredible amount of deaths during filming, two of which happened before the movie was even released. It gets creepier with tales of the movie itself being cursed! 

Braydon discusses the demon that conjures up all this madness, ‘Pazuzu’. A demonic entity that causes great illness to the point of death. Was this funny sounding demon the cause of all the strange occurrences in the movie? Was it the entity inside Roland Doe?  

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