The Poultrygeist!

Braydon and Belinda discuss a number of animal hauntings/ spirit animals that have returned after their deaths. Belinda discusses the legendary Demon Cat that haunts the government buildings of Washington D.C. and acts as a supposed bad omen for upcoming events that could affect the US government. She also talks about a dog named Spot, that returned after its long life, remaining in the home it lived in for many years after its family had moved.

Braydon talks about The Highgate Chicken Ghost, a spooky hen that supposedly haunted Highgate Pond in England until late 1969. The ghost was said to have been seen after a scientist named Sir Bacon attempted to prove his theory of meat preservation by freezing a chicken, but subsequently died a week later due to a cold. Braydon uncovers the ghost's last sightings run in correlation with a fast food store opening up in London, and Braydon dives deep into the ghost, and spins the webs of chicken conspiracy further.

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