Pound the Poopdeck

Braydon and Belinda discuss two South African hauntings! Belinda discusses the abandon Kempton hospital that is reportedly haunted by the patients and workers who died in the hospital under mysterious circumstances. Numerous revitalisations, and demolitions have been planned for the now abandoned hospital but all plans have fallen through, and some of the victims of the strange paranormal activity within the Kempton hospital claim it to be both haunted and incredibly cursed. Belinda's search for evidence dragged her to a paranormal video on the hospital, with mediocre "paranormal images", but exceptional EVP evidence supporting claims.

Braydon discusses the Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship that haunted the world's oceans, but originates off the coast of South Africa. Braydon lists two well documented sightings, one that included a number of royals who spotted the mysterious vessel while sailing off the coast of Australia.

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