The Lady Vanishes, Alan Watts Podcast and History of Aotearoa New Zealand

Well hello, we didn't see you there. We are your Castologists, Liz Best, Zane C. Weber and Patrick Shearer, here to tell you what's good in podcast land. This week Liz gets true crimey again with The Lady Vanishes, Patrick gets philosophisey again with Alan Watts Podcast, and Zane gets history-y again (we think it's again? We've lost track of who did what) with listener submission The History of Aotearoa New Zealand. Then they get stuck into the reviews from last week's offerings.

Liz Recommends - The Lady Vanishes

A much loved mother, teacher and friend steps on a plane for an overseas adventure and is never seen again. Marion Barter, the former wife of Australian soccer great Johnny Warren, went missing in 1997. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are bizarre. Her daughter has never given up hope of finding her. This is her quest.

If you like weird stories then this one just keeps getting more weird. Also if you are a Queensland/NSW local you could actually be an armchair detective and help solve this one if you were in the Gold Coast/Byron area at the time. From Seven News, it's occasionally a bit too news like and editorial but still engrossing.

For both: Start from the start because it's another serial one.

Pat Recommends - Alan Watts Podcast

Alan Watts was a 20th century British born philosopher. He's often credited with introducing and popularising Eastern philosophies to Western audiences. His focus is primarily with Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. This particular podcast only delivers Alan in about 10 minute chunks and removes episodes from the feed not long after they're posted. I don't mind this so much as it gives me a healthy little dose in between my more lengthy and dense subscriptions. If you wish to listen to more of Alan there is a wealth of his content on YouTube, Soundcloud and Audible, as well as on the apps associated with this podcast.

For both: Pick any episode you can grab.

Zane Recommends - History of Aotearoa New Zealand

Zane has recently fallen into a hole of history podcasts and wallowing about in all the great shows he has found. And this is one of those! A listener submission, The History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast is a chronological and narrative telling of the history of New Zealand. Each episode they tell the story of New Zealand in an interesting and informative way! 

For Pat: Any Episode that Appeals

For Liz: Any Episode that Appeals

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