Dragon Friends, Deadly Manners and Tiny Desk Concert

Here we are, just for you. We do the hard work of finding new podcasts for your aural pleasure so you don't have to. This week Zane is recommending Dragon Friends, Liz is putting forward Deadly Manners and Patrick is all about them Tiny Desk concerts. And stick around after the recommendations for the reviews of last week's podcast offerings.

Liz Recommends - Deadly Manners


Do you like theatre? Radio plays? Camp murder mystery drama and noirish intrigue? Then this is right up your alley. A short radio play series featuring Kristen Bell, RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews and more, Deadly Manners is a schlocky whodunnit in the style of And Then There Were None/Cluedo etc. Will you guess who the killer is? And why? Who knows! But you'll have fun listening to the over-the-top yet simultaneously realistic (yes, somehow both) performances, and all the Agatha Christie-style melodrama you can handle.

For both: You guessed it, it's another serial so start from the start and listen to as many as you wish.


Pat Recommends - Tiny Desk


My third NPR podcast is quite a bit different from the other two. Tiny Desk has artists (well known and sometimes often unknown) perform a little concert for those lucky enough to be in the room. The rest of us just have to settle with listening or watching online. That's basically it though, roughly 20 minutes of beautiful music. I've found this to be a great place to discover new music as well as see some of my favourite artists perform at their best.

For all of you: St Paul & The Broken Bones, Daniel Caesar, Anderson Paak, Rhye, Noname, Leon Bridges


Zane Recommends - Dragon Friends


This is a podcast that Zane found doing research into the possibility of a live Dungeons and Dragons show, then got hooked. Dragon Friends is a monthly comedy show and podcast where comedians muddle through their first Dungeons & Dragons adventure campaign. The rules are... lax. The stories are... muddled? But the cast are very funny and definitely do not let up the whole way through the show. It DOES have a tendency to be a bit in-jokey, so go back as far as you can and start the adventure with them.

For Pat & Liz: Start with a season break! or go back as far as you can.


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