GB Studios, Batman & Human Gene Editing

Hi, hello and welcome to another amazing episode from Nerds Amalgamated. Once again we enjoy bringing you this slice of entertainment from the world of the NERD pop culture news, where all are welcome. We pause for a moment to pay our respect to the victims of the cowardly bombings in Sri Lanka over Easter. Also we pause to honour the ANZACs, those individuals who have helped defend Australia and New Zealand for over a century.

            First topic is from the Professor, and it is about an open source game making program that enables the creation of 8-bit type games. Useable on web-browsers and portable devices such as the Nintendo Gameboy (All trademarks acknowledged – so don’t sue us please Nintendo, Buck is still not happy with you). This is looking like a fun way of making your own games and also introducing coding and game development to a new generation.

            Then we look at a birthday celebration for Batman, 80 years old and still giving crime a beat down. Yep, there is a return of the quadrilogy from the 90’s to cinemas. So grab you friends, dig those happy pants out of the cupboard and shake up that hair spray and head on down. You get to see the two Michael Keaton Batman movies, followed by Val Kilmer and then George Clooney. We discuss Bat-nipple gate and how fun these movies were. Plus we hear how tragic Buck was at decorating his bedroom as a teenager.

            Next up we look at further plans to make use of CRISPR for gene editing, this time to prevent hereditary diseases. Say hi to the start of Gattaca folks, we have a group of mad scientists running around with questionable ethics who don’t watch movies. Next they will be telling us about how they want to remake dinosaurs and release them into the wild, like that other movie. Don’t these people ever learn to think about the consequences of their actions?

            We finish off with the usual shout out, remembrances, birthdays and events. As always take care of each other and stay hydrated.

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Time Bandits, Fallout RPG & Artificial Intelligence

We wish to take a moment and offer our condolences and heart felt sympathies to all those injured and killed this week in Christchurch. Such senseless violence achieves nothing and is disgusting to us all. No words can express our sadness over this.

WOW! Once again those Nerds have done it again. They have found some exciting news about entertainment with a movie being adapted to a television series. That’s right, another awesome movie, Time Bandits this time, is going to get a reboot into a TV series. Hopefully it will be great and actually follow the story of the movie. We would say we are not holding our breath, but we would never consider it anyway, after all the examples of this sort of thing going wrong we just hope it doesn’t drag us all into the sucking void of despair. Then for those who like Fallout, who also like RPGs (not the rocket propelled grenade kind for the NSA and CIA who are listening and spying) we have news for you. Fallout is now a pen and paper role playing game, that’s right, and we warn, if you had no one to play fallout 76 with you will still be singing that song ‘Lonely’ again. Further there are miniatures available for table top games similar to Warhammer. Which let’s face it is really cool. We just haven’t figured out the loot boxes that Bethesda has got to be trying to squeeze into the game. Now we suggest everyone run for cover as Buck is back and on the Rant path with news that work is happening to insert AI memory processors to improve music ability. Now we understand this has to be a good thing right? Well, the thing he hates is the imbecilic nature of mumble rappers and the moronic fashion styles they represent. Trust me he really takes issue with that kind of thing. After we get him to calm down we look at the games played this week, followed by the famous events, birthdays, remembrances, and shout outs. The biggest shout out was a moments pause to remember the late great Stephen Hawking who left us last year.

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Episode 30: GTA Online Cheats, SCUM, Cyberpunk 2077

GTA Online cheat program blocked


SCUM the game


All things Cyberpunk 2077

Games currently playing

DJ ‘s game

- Guns of Icarus Online -

Buck’s game

- Hyperdrome -

- Fallout Shelter -

Professor’s game

- Fallout the board game -

Other topics discussed

SCUM on Steam


More info on Cyberpunk 2077

  1. Game overview -

  2. Summary of the gameplay video -

  3. Computer Specs -

  4. More details about the gameplay video -

  5. Message from the Cyberpunk 2077’s game director -

  6. Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reception -

  7. Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer option -

Black Desert MMORPG


Firefly board games


Fallout New California



Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats


Firefly: Fistful of Credits


Margaret Hamilton


Hidden Figures movie


Shout Outs

Jacksonville shooting


“Weird Al” Yankovic given a Hollywood star


Sharks attack the internet


Famous birthdays

Katherine Johnson's 100th birthday - Mathematician on the Apollo project -

Events of interest

Aug 26, 1959 - Mark 1 mini makes its debut -

Aug 27, 1883 – Krakatau explodes -

Aug 29, 74 - Eruption of Mount Vesuvius -

Aug 28, 1963 – Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech -

Aug 27, 1979 – Lord Mountbatten killed by IRA -

Aug 28, 1845 - First Issue of Scientific American hits newsstands -

Aug 27, 1955 - The Guinness Book of Records debuts -


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