Outback, Chucklefish & Terminator

IT’s that’s time again, yep, the Nerds are here with another fantastic episode of random pop culture news. So please ensure your seats are in the upright position and trays are folded away as we are expecting to experience turbulence. This week we are taking a look at Western Australia with Buck. Apparently NASA and the European Space Agency are spending time there in preparation for their upcoming missions to Mars. Apparently it is as close as you can get to Mars conditions without going there. Just with super spikey Spinnefex grass to poke holes in your clothes, body, and anything else you put near it. This stuff is more painful than a cactus. But the main reason why NASA and the ESA have scientist out here isn’t for an all-expenses paid holiday. No, they are here to work. What is that work, well it is the first topic so listen in.

Next we hear about a bunch of dead beats who didn’t pay a kid for his hard work making an awesome game. That’s right, a gaming studio has actually shown themselves to be a bigger bunch of scumbags then a politician on the campaign trail. Apparently they only have a small number of employees though, so it was all just some misunderstanding. Wait a minute, hold on, Buck hit’s a sore point here and makes sense in regards to what the dirtbags are up to. Of course this is utterly outrageous, particularly if he is right; my goodness, if he is we’ll never hear the end of it. But if he is, oh the humanity, oh no, this is devastating. But if you want to know more of what I am rambling on about then you know what to do, that’s right, listen in.

At the sound of Tinker Bell waving her magic wand please turn the page… ohh, um, wait a second, are you still here? Dang nabbit! Well in that case We have the DJ for you with a story about a new spin-off for the terminator. James Cameron has announced his plans to reboot the series and is planning to do so after he finishes the Avatar series. So it is a race to see what comes out first, the new reboot of Terminator or Star Con, um, Star Citizen… Well I think we will all be old, even the Rolling Stones won’t be touring anymore by then. Perhaps One Direction will be back together for a reunion tour…oh the humanity, the torture, please stop. On a better note check out our friends at “Off With The Fairies” another outstanding TNC podcast. After this we have the usual shout outs, remembrances, birthdays and special events. As always, stay say, look out for each other and stay hydrated.

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Comets, He-Man & DayZ

Welcome back for another amazing episode from the Nerds, it is full of fun stuff, amazing science, and some crazy stuff. We hope as always that you enjoy it and perhaps by accident or intentionally learn something cool. I remember when I found out about chemistry, It was a long, long way from here, I was old enough to want it but younger than I wanted to be, Suddenly my mission was clear… All about chemistry. OK, I know that is the song Chemistry by Semisonic, but it relates to our first topic from Buck, which is all about chemistry and producing oxygen on Mars, Comets, and interplanetary space travel. That’s right we are one step closer to science fiction becoming reality once more. Honestly, where would the world be without science, science fiction, or Nerds to think up the impossible dreams? Although we must apologise for the zombie apocalypse resulting from the advancements in technology; otherwise known as reality television, social media, or just uncontrollable gaming. But, all that aside scientist have found a way to change carbon-dioxide (CO2) into beautiful oxygen (O2). That’s right, you heard us correctly, and it doesn’t involve a chemical scrubber like those currently used on submarines. No, this alters the very nature of the chemical bonds on a molecular level in a whole new way.

By the power of Greyskull, someone has the power. That’s right folks, He-Man is coming back to our screens in the near future it seems. DJ has brought us news that a new extension to the story of He-Man is in the works, he says it is an anime, but we aren’t sold. But it is exciting that it appears to not be a rebirth or re-imagining. But then again that is those weirdos over at Disney doing all the remakes, except for the unfortunate incident with She-Ra. Whoever is responsible for that fiasco is a greater villain than Skeletor and Hordak combined. Seriously, it was traumatic to see what had happened there. With the contentiousness of is it going to be able to claim the title of an anime aside, He-Man is looking promising.

Next we have the Professor bringing us news about the censorship of a few games in Australia and the impact that is having on the world. Now we normally don’t agree with a lot of the issues in censorship, or Material Ratings as they are referred to, but this time there is some merit. This topic is one in which the Nerds have a heated debate, and Buck really gets fired up, DJ gets angry and the Professor needs a whip and chair to keep them apart. So if you feel strongly about the topic of censorship this might be a poignant topic for you. We apologise if we offend anyone during this section (I know we don’t normally, but hey). Let us know what you think on the matter, is Buck an old fart that needs to be exhibited in a museum, is the DJ taking the matter too light, is it somewhere in between (like the Professor).

As always we have the games played this week, which is looking interesting. Also the weekly shout outs, remembrances, birthdays, and events of interest. As always stay safe, look out for each other and stay hydrated.

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Skin, Dwarf Fortress & Arkham Knight

Welcome back and hello to the new listeners, we hope everyone is having fun and taking care of themselves. So, this week we find out that there is a new electronic skin developed from the National University of Singapore. We discussed how it can be applied in the real world, trust me this will make you laugh, the possibilities are endless. Although we really like the idea of a window for submarines with a heads up display, that would be cool.  Next up we look at an indie game called Dwarf Fortress from two brothers and how their model might rival the triple A game studios. This is a game that embraces the gaming community and encourages players to develop extra content and share it online. Lastly, we look at the transition of a video game character now appearing in DC Comics known as the Arkham Knight. This not the first time that has happened as Marvel has done it before but obviously DC will do it better. As usual we have the regular list of shout outs, remembrances, birthdays, and events of interest. As usual we have a lot of fun bringing you this latest episode of mayhem, so settle in with a cup of earl grey hot and a biscuit while we bring you some of the news this week in Nerd pop culture. Remember, take care of each other and stay hydrated.

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Episode 45: Amy Adams, China & Two Compounds

It is almost time for the Christmas music to stop playing in the shops, and the return of the normal drone of unintelligent selection of dribble. Yes, I like Christmas music and Christmas it is a fun time of year when we all try to be nicer for a change. Also that time of year we watch John Maclean run around Nakatomi Plaza welcoming us to the game pal, and for watching the Muppets Christmas Carol. So to one and all, Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year, we thank you for listening and hope we see you all next year.

            This week’s episode the DJ tells us that Amy Adams might be finished with playing Louis Lane for the Superman franchise. Which starts a debate over who was the best Louis and who should replace her; Buck loves Margot Kidder still, but believes Elizabeth Henstridge would be a great replacement for any reboots. What do you think?

            The second topic for discussion is China banning games, some of which are from China. The laughs you will get from this are fantastic, particularly the reasons for why the games are banned. Want to know which games will be the biggest surprises for being banned? You will have to listen, but trust us, it is epicly awesome.

            Buck brings us news about two compounds found in coffee that show interesting promise in preventing and fighting Parkinsons disease and Dementia. Talk about an awesome show, right? The science behind this is solid and has many other possibilities, and Buck is excited. Things like this is why he likes science, also science-fiction, breaking down the barriers and limitations and boldly searching for new and better ways to do everything.

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