Next Door Villain, Con Artists, The Portal with Eric Weinsten

After a brief departure from their usual "type" of podcast, the gang are all back in their wheelhouse with this week's offerings. Zane takes time out to try to empathise with pop culture's worst evildoers with Next Door Villain, Liz looks at crime of the non-murdery variety with Con Artists and Patrick is back to thinky informational self with The Portal With Eric Weinsten. Then as always, it's on to the reviews from last week's submissions.

Liz Recommends - Con Artists

This one is relatively new so Liz wants credit for liking it before it was cool. The format for this one is great: Ep one on the fraudster focuses on the rise of their crimes and ep two is how they got caught. "They seem like a friend. Family, even. You trust them with your life. But behind the promises of fame, success, and riches beyond your wildest dreams... it’s just another guy in a fake Rolex. Con Artists peeks behind the masks of hustlers, swindlers, and fraudsters. We’ll dive into their psychology, and teach listeners how to spot a con. What kind of person runs a scam? And why do we trust them? Con Artists is a Parcast Original. New episodes come out every Wednesday." Because it's kinda nice to find out the sociopathic tendencies of people who don't resort to murder for a change, right? Even if they did cheat hundreds of people and defraud... OK Liz will shut up now.

For both: Bernie Madoff parts one and two.

Pat Recommends - The Portal with Eric Weinstein

A new podcast from one of my favourite brains! Eric Weinstein is one of them polymaths, one of them clever folks who thinks good. He's a mathematician, an economist, and the managing director of an investment firm. It's difficult to say what the format or content of this podcast is just yet, but so far it's seems to be interviewish and subversive. That works for me. Let's follow along and see what happens next.

For Zane & Liz: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Zane Recommends - Next Door Villain

Welcome to Next Door Villain, a podcast where the hosts try to practice empathy by discussing the humanity behind their favorite fictional villains.

Each episode, hosts Joe and Tiana discuss a well-known fictional villain. They attempt to find the humanity behind these characters so that we can learn to love, and respect them. Because if we can learn to connect with characters that were designed to be hated, then we might just have a chance at understanding the villains we face in our everyday lives.

For Pat: Pick a fun villain

For Liz: Pick a fun villain

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