UR Gonna Die Alone, The Art of Failure, In Sickness and In Health

OMG we did it again, and accidentally have a theme. It's LISTENER SUBMISSION week! That's right, we are bringing you YOUR recommendations (for three of you, anyway). And it just so happens to also have a slighly fail-centric theme. Liz brings the relationship drama with UR Gonna Die Alone, Patrick is all about stuffing up with style with The Art of Failure, and Zane gets on his social justice high horse with In Sickness and In Health.

Liz Recommends - UR Gonna Die Alone


Yes that is the correct spelling for the title and yes it made journo Liz shudder. This podcast is hosted by the super sarcastic team of Christyn Chandler and Jordan Jacobo and is all about trainwreck relationships. That's right, famous relationships that have crashed and burned. Each episode looks at a different couple and tells their story of romantic implosion. If you, like Liz, are a complete dating cynic then this podcast is most certainly for you. Sit back and enjoy the sordid details and schadenfreude.

For both: I particularly liked Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, the Tom Cruise series, and Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

Link https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ur-gonna-die-alone/id1412835724

Pat Recommends - The Art of Failure


A listener submission you say? Yes I do. My very first, and if you don't like it that's fine, because we learn from our failures... don't we? Wow, what a segue. Host Steve Friedman sits down with an interesting array of guests to discuss failure and what can be gleaned from it. He'll also pop in the occasional minisode to share with you some of his own failures and what he's gotten out of them.

For Zane & Liz: Your fate is your own


Zane Recommends - In Sickness and in Health


This is another listener submission and Zane LOVES this podcast. It is a podcast about health and social justice. Health is wealth and this podcast is about why some of us have it, and some don’t. Each Season focuses on a different issue (The Opioid Crisis, Gun Violence) which are then split into multi-episode chapters.

In Sickness and in Health is produced and hosted by Dr. Celine Gounder. as well as a podcaster Dr. Gounder is a doctor, a disease detective and a storyteller. Dr. Gounder is the CEO/President/Founder of Just Human Productions, a non-profit multimedia organization.

For Pat & Liz: These are submitted in subcategories, so pick one that appeals and follow through as far as you wish.


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