Guys We Fucked, Found My Fitness, Lady Parts

Move over men, this week it's all about the ladies. That's right, Castology is bringing you a themed episode with recommendations of podcasts hosted by women (but definitely not just for women). Liz reclaims her sexual power with anti-slut shaming comedy podcast Guys We Fucked, Patrick gets physical with Found My Fitness, and Zane gets in touch with Lady Parts (and Liz is not sorry for making that sound like he touched girl bits instead of reviewing a film-focused podcast).

Liz Recommends - Guys We Fucked

Have you ever wanted to interview people you've slept with in a forum where they have to reply? If you answered fuck yes then this is for you. Corrine Fischer and Krystyna Hutchinson are Sorry About Last Night, a comedy duo who host this very not shy podcast aimed at doing away with slut shaming while dishing the dirt on their sex lives, with no topic taboo. "Guys We Fuckedis a weekly self-produced podcast during which Corrine and Krystyna interview men they’ve slept with and titans in the comedy and sex industry (i.e.: comedians Jim Norton and Artie Lang) porn star Stoya & sex advice guru Dan Savage), discuss sexual taboos, and create a sex-positive environment for their million plus listeners worldwide." Note: the gals talk for quite a while before their guests come on, just for those who like to skip the banter.

For both: Danny: Were You Ashamed To Fuck Me? or

Am I Just Fucking Crazy w/ Amanda Knox were ones Liz liked. or pick whatever title interests you.


Pat Recommends - Found My Fitness

Dr Rhonda Patrick is one of the most knowledgeable beings I've ever come across. Every time I listen to her I need sit for a while and digest, as though I've just eaten a great big spaghetti. She holds a Ph.D. in biomedical science and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biochemistry/chemistry. She is focused primarily on longevity and health optimisation and disseminates this information better than the best of them.

For Zane & Liz: Choose either Satchin Panda or Roland Griffiths

Zane Recommends - Lady Parts Podcast

This is a film and media review podcast but with a very specific scope, and it is Brisbane based! Lady Parts is a fortnightly podcast dissecting the roles of women in genre cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. Lady Parts is one part Aimée Lindorff and one part Sophie Overett. Both writers and producers of various stripes the hosts have a very interesting insight into the current state of female representation in media.

For Pat: Episode 30 - The Incredibles 2 (but really any)

For Liz: Epsode 24 - Red Sparrow (but really any)

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