Casefile, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and Unnatural Selection

It's episode two time! Do we know what we're doing entirely yet? Probably not! Will you enjoy it? Hopefully! This week Liz, Patrick and Zane tell you what they thought of last weeks recommendations including: The Thrilling Adventure Hour, My Favourite Murder and The Joe Rogan Show. This week's recommendations are: well-known Aussie true crime podcast Casefile, not-so-well-known Aussie podcast Unnatural Selection and comedy podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Liz Recommends - Casefile

Casefile is a weekly (sometimes fortnightly) meticulously researched true crime podcast hosted by an extremely ocker Australian man who, to this day remains anonymous. It was launched in January 2016. Legend has it that the host has kept his name out of the spotlight because he wants the stories, facts, and questions speak for themselves.

After having surgery in 2015, the host was listening to a lot of podcasts and true crime shows including Hardcore History, The Joe Rogan Experience, Serial and watching Making a Murderer. He was actually encouraged by Joe Rogan himself to make his own based on in-depth research and a storytelling style.

Casefile provides thorough explorations of well-known cases such as the Port Arthur Massacre, Ivan Milat murders and the East Area Rapist, as well as presenting lesser known cases that prove just as remarkable.

For Zane: Case 42: Sherri Rasmussen.

For Pat: Case 60 parts 1, 2 and 3 on the Jonestown Massacre.

Pat Recommends - The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

The DTFH is hosted by comedian and oddball Duncan Trussell. This podcast was previously known as the Lavender Hour which Duncan co hosted with his then girlfriend Natasha Leggero. Each episode begins with a bit of ranting and raving from the host of the show, followed by a guest. Duncan's interests are varied and esoteric so his guests range from comedians to scientists to psychonauts to spiritual teachers and more.

For Zane: Episode #209 with Dr. Bruce Damer

For Liz: Episodes #43 & #64 with Duncan's Mother

Zane Recommends - Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection is an irreverent weekly podcast about 'newsy type stuff and things'. Hosted by Tom Heath, Adam Direen and Jorge Tsipos.

The hosts met when completing their Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University in 2009 and began the first iteration of the Unnatural Selection podcast in 2010 as a live talk-show for Radio Monash.

The podcast live-streams the recording every Monday evening, and releases episodes a couple of hours after.

For Liz and Pat: Any episode the is not a "Chat's with" episode.

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