The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Joe Rogan Experience and My Favourite Murder

Hello and welcome to our first episode! We three are podcasters and (mildly obsessed) podcast fans and we’re here to spread the word about our favourite podcasts, as well as those new, up-and-coming and everything in between.

Each week you’ll have three new recommendations from Liz, Pat and Zane and a review of our selections from last week. So have a seat, stay a while and keep listening to podcasts!

Zane Recommends:

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

"The creators of The Thrilling Adventure Hour proudly call it "fake radio." It's less an homage to old-time radio and more of a clever update. A live monthly performance at Largo, a 200-seat, scruffy-chic Hollywood nightclub" - NPR

Some of the stories of TAH include “Sparks Nevada, Marshal On Mars” and “The Cross-Time Adventures Of Colonel Tick-Tock”, and Zane's personal favourite, "Beyond Belief".

TAH was written by two film and television writers Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (who met in college and have worked together since) and starred a veritable smorgasbord of Hollywood talent (before they were so famous) including: Paget Brewster, Paul F. Tompkins, Craig Cackowski, Busy Philipps, Annie Savage, James Urbaniak, John DiMaggio, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Hal Lublin, Joshua Malina, Janet Varney.

Some of the most notable guest stars were: Alison Brie (Community), Danny Pudi (Community), Zac Levi (Chuck, Tangled), Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Patton Oswalt (comedy; Young Adult), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Dark Knight Rises, Looper), Emily Blunt (Looper), Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation), Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle)

Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury

Episode #10 - Wishing Hell

Pat recommends:

Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan experience is a long form podcast hosted by comedian and UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan. What started out as a humble underground goof with Joe and his friends has quickly become one of the most popular shows of all time. It boasts roughly 3.3 million subscribers and high profile guests such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk, Steven Tyler, Anthony Bourdain and many more.

Patrick's top picks for Zane and Liz are (respectively):

#1158 Chuck Palahniuk - Freelance journalist and author whose works include Fight Club and Choke.

#1170 Tulsi Gabbard - Politician of the Democratic Party serving as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district.

Other picks from Pat include: #142 Graham Hancock & Duncan Trussell, #1171 Nick Yarris, #1080 David Goggins, #804 Sam Harris, #877 Jordan Peterson, #911 Alex Jones, #1035 Paul Stamets, the "Shrimp Parade" trialogues with Duncan Trussell and Dr. Christopher Ryan, and any episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

Liz recommends:

My Favourite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a weekly true-crime comedy podcast hosted by American comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. The pair met at a Halloween party in 2014 when Karen was talking about a gruesome event she witnessed. While the rest of the party guests backed away slowly, the normally socially anxious Georgia approached and the pair talked about murder and true crime for the rest of the night. Both thrilled they’d found someone who shared the others’ interest in the macabre, they decided to start a podcast they thought would be listened to by precisely no one. Fast forward a couple of years and MFM is one of the most popular true crime comedy podcasts world wide, complete with a fanbase who refer to themselves as Murderinos.

Most of the show’s charm comes from the girls’ half-assed approach and playful banter that lightens the mood of seriously fucked-up topics. They don’t care if they get their facts twisted, they’re all about retelling their favourite tales in an entertaining way and normalising people’s interest in true crime, while talking openly about mental health issues and trying to smash toxic masculinity. Stay sexy, and don't get murdered!

Recommended episodes for Zane and Pat respectively:

#18:  Investig-eighteen Discovery - Lawrence Singleton and Franklin Delano Floyd.  

#45: Funky Diva - Lord Lucan and Summerhill Road Murders

Other picks from Liz include: #31 for the Lululemon Murder story, #44 for the heavy-hitter tale of John Wayne Gacy, #33 for the amazing survivor story of Jennifer Morey and pretty much any episode where Karen retells an episode of I Survived.

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