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Welcome back to the latest episode of tom foolery from the Nerds, we have another amazing showing for you this week. Starting off we have Buck telling us about Spaceport America and how Virgin Galactic has moved in and is closer to carrying passengers into space. So get those cheque books out, prepare to sell a kidney because tickets are $250,000 each. But you will need to wait in line as 600 are already sold. But hey, at least this will be a much more comfortable ride then that of Laika, the dog kidnapped from the streets of Moscow and sent into space all those years ago. This has got to be one of the coolest joy flights out there (when it finally gets airborne).

Next up the Professor brings us news about Steam becoming strict in relation to release dates. That’s right folks, no longer can dodgy developer’s use Steam’s coming soon feature as free advertising. No, Steam has come out with the metaphysical switch and spanked those fiendish louts for being such naughty children. From now on if the release date needs to be changed you need to listen in to find out exactly what happens. What, you thought we would tell you everything here? Come of it, we tell you in the podcast so listen in.

Then we have DJ looking into The Boys the new show from Amazon. This show is being advertised as the most successful show ever, which is saying something as they have a number of great shows. The premise of the show is a battle between the Heroes and a group fighting to bring them down. Buck gives us a heads up that one superhero dies during season one, but not how. All we know is that it is a crappy way to die. DJ is excited about the rise of indie comics and the refreshing change that is happening by using these for content rather than just relying Marvel and DC for superheroes. Want to know more? So do we, listen in and tell us what you think.

We look at the games the Nerds are playing and have some discussion around them, with some interesting facts coming out. We know, sorry for educating you with random facts against your will. As normal we have the shout outs, remembrances, birthdays, and events of interest for the week, or do we? You will need to open the show and listen in to find out, also why this metaphysical question is asked. Anyway, please remember to take care of yourselves, look out for each other and stay hydrated.


Spaceport America -

Changes to Steam release date system -

The Boys and the rise of the indie comics in screen media -

Games currently playing


– Company of heroes 2 -


- Zombicide: Invader -


– Red Dead Redemption 2 -

Other topics discussed

Branson thinks Trump is not a real billionaire


Laika (Soviet space dog to orbit the Earth.)


2014 Virgin Galactic crash


Successful Virgin Galactic after the 2014 Virgin Galactic crash


Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (Mach 3+strategic reconnaissance aircraft)


Virgin Galactic Purpose statement


On August 13, 2019, NASA at the Trident Basin in Cape Canaveral, Florida, astronauts Doug Hurley, left, and Bob Behnken work with teams from NASA and SpaceX to rehearse crew extraction from SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, which will be used to carry humans to the International Space Station. The pair will fly to the space station aboard the Crew Dragon for the SpaceX Demo-2 mission.



Steam Greenlight closing down


Steam Direct


The Steam store now lets you mark games you’ve played on other platforms


Watchmen (2009 superhero movie)


Danger 5 (Australian Comics)


Doom (1996 Game comics)


Date with Danger comics


Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes (1984 song)


Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Soviet sniper in the Red Army during World War II, credited with 309 kills. She is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time and the most successful female sniper in history.


Roza Shanina, Soviet sniper during World War II who was credited with fifty-nine confirmed kills, including twelve soldiers during the Battle of Vilnius.


Enemy of The Gates (2001 war movie)


Vasily Zaitsev, Soviet sniper and a Hero of the Soviet Union during World War II. A feature-length film, Enemy at the Gates (2001), starring Jude Law as Zaytsev, was based on part of William Craig's non-fiction book Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad (1973), which includes a "snipers' duel" between Zaytsev and a Wehrmacht sniper school director, Major Erwin König.


Simo Häyhä aka White Death, Finnish sniper. He is believed to have killed over 500 men during the 1939–40 Winter War, the highest number of sniper kills in any major war.


Deadliest Warrior (2009 TV Series)


Zombicide Board games

- Zombicide Season 1 -

- Zombicide: Black Plague -

How to pronounce Jacque Tits properly


Everybody Wants to be a Cat (TNC Podcast)


Floof and Pupper Podcast (TNC Podcast)



10 Aug 2019 - 500th anniversary of Magellan's circumnavigation voyage. The expedition's goal, which it accomplished, was to find a western route to the Moluccas (Spice Islands). Magellan left Spain on 20 September 1519, sailed across the Atlantic, and discovered the strait that bears his name, allowing him to pass through South America into the Pacific Ocean (which he named). The fleet crossed the Pacific, stopping in the Philippines, and eventually reached the Moluccas after two years. A much-depleted crew finally returned to Spain on 6 September 1522. -

12 Aug 1099 – First Crusade: Battle of Ascalon, Crusaders under the command of Godfrey of Bouillon defeat Fatimid forces led by Al-Afdal Shahanshah. This is considered the last engagement of the First Crusade. - Believed to be the result of computer games, but unproven -

12 Aug 1952 – The Night of the Murdered Poets: Thirteen prominent Jewish intellectuals are murdered in Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union. -

12 Aug 1981 – The IBM Personal Computer is released. It was created by a team of engineers and designers under the direction of Philip Don Estridge of the IBM Entry Systems Division in Boca Raton, Florida. -


12 Aug 1848 - George Stephenson, English civil engineer and mechanical engineer. Renowned as the "Father of Railways", Stephenson was considered by the Victorians a great example of diligent application and thirst for improvement. Self-help advocate Samuel Smiles particularly praised his achievements. His chosen rail gauge, sometimes called 'Stephenson gauge', was the basis for the 4 feet 8 1⁄2 inches (1,435 mm) standard gauge used by most of the world's railways. Pioneered by Stephenson, rail transport was one of the most important technological inventions of the 19th century and a key component of the Industrial Revolution. He died from pleurisy at the age of 67 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. -

12 Aug 1914 - John Phillip Holland, Irish engineer who developed the first submarine to be formally commissioned by the US Navy, and the first Royal Navy submarine, Holland 1. This was the first submarine having power to run submerged for any considerable distance, and the first to combine electric motors for submerged travel and gasoline engines for use on the surface. He died from pneumonia at age of 72 inNewark, New Jersey. -

12 Aug 1955 - James B. Sumner, American chemist. He discovered that enzymes can be crystallized, for which he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1946 with John Howard Northrop and Wendell Meredith Stanley. He was also the first to prove that enzymes are proteins. He died from cancer at the age of 67 in Buffalo, New York. -

Famous Birthdays

12 Aug 1887 - Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the field of quantum theory: the Schrödinger equation provides a way to calculate the wave function of a system and how it changes dynamically in time. In addition, he was the author of many works in various fields of physics: statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, physics of dielectrics, colour theory, electrodynamics,general relativity, and cosmology, and he made several attempts to construct a unified field theory. He paid great attention to the philosophical aspects of science, ancient and oriental philosophical concepts, ethics, and religion. He also wrote on philosophy and theoretical biology. He is also known for his "Schrödinger's cat" thought-experiment. He was born in Vienna -

12 Aug 1918 - Guy Gibson , was a distinguished bomber pilot in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He was the first Commanding Officer of No. 617 Squadron, which he led in the "Dam Busters" raid in 1943, resulting in the destruction of two large dams in the Ruhr area of Germany. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces, in the aftermath of the raid in May 1943 and became the most highly decorated British serviceman at that time. He completed over 170 war operations before dying in action at the age of 26. He was born in Simla -

12 Aug 1930 - Jacques Tits, a Belgium-bornFrenchmathematician who works on group theory and incidence geometry. He introduced Tits buildings, the Tits alternative, the Tits group, and the Tits metric. He was born in Uccle -

Events of Interest

12 Aug 1492 – Christopher Columbus arrives in the Canary Islands on his first voyage to the New World. -

12 Aug 1865 – Joseph Lister, British surgeon and scientist, performs 1st antiseptic surgery. He did it by applying a piece of lint dipped in carbolic acid solution onto the wound of a seven-year-old boy at Glasgow Infirmary, who had sustained a compound fracture after a cart wheel had passed over his leg. After four days, he renewed the pad and discovered that no infection had developed, and after a total of six weeks he was amazed to discover that the boy's bones had fused back together. -

12 Aug 1990 – Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton found to date, is discovered by Sue Hendrickson in South Dakota. It is one of the largest, most extensive, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever found, at over 90% recovered by bulk. -


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