Indiana Jones, Robotic Delivery Boys & AMD Ryzen

WOW!!! We have an amazing episode for you this week, first up, thank you to our 1000 weekly listeners, you are amazing. At last, winter is here, and Professor and Buck are both totally enjoying it. DJ has brought us the controversy of the week, with wild claims of a new Indiana Jones, and the boys pile in on him. Once again we solve the world’s greatest issues with logic and careful consideration. We decide Chris Pratt is not suitable for taking on the role and also convince DJ that Indiana Jones is not a Marvel character yet; give Disney time and they will make it happen eventually I’m sure.

            With a fabulous Segway into the next topic we look at Digit. Not the figures, the robot that will help deliver your shopping from the car to your door. Professor decides he wants one to carry the shopping from the door to the kitchen and then cook his food. DJ calls robots slaves, revealing his desire to take over the world. Buck and Professor decide that given the way technology has been moving they wish to become Cyborgs and serve the robot overlords. We align the killer drones, self-replicating robots, driverless cars and robot dogs.

            Moving along before we get into too much trouble. We have a new CPU that is pushing the limits and is looks surprised at how amazing it is. AMD is back baby and challenging Intel once again. Buck and Professor fully geek out over what this means for building your own system. If you get confused and lost please let us know; we will get Professor to write up a translation for you. We also figure out how to turn your computer into an oven. We mean literally you will be able to cook your sausages and toast your marsh mellows.

            As always we make fun of everything, have a laugh with each other, at each other and life in general. We have the usual shout outs, remembrances, birthdays, and events of interest. As always, take care of yourselves, look out for each other, and stay hydrated. NERDS rule!!!


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WALL·E (2008 movie)


I, Robot (2004 movie)


007 You Only Live Twice: Car taken by a magnet


AMD Bulldozer chip analysis


Definition of TDP (Thermal Design Power)


Intel Announces Core i9-9900KS


FX 8350 (AMD product)


Forrest Gump (1994 movie)


Marvin Heemeyer (Killdozer inventor)


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Study: Heavy metal combats depression


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Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang (1964 book)


Sam Westphalen - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Theme - Death Metal Version


Murder Ballads (Nick Cave album)


Voyage of the Damned (Doctor Who)



27 May 2019 - Kirsty Boden posthumously awarded Florence Nightingale medal by Red Cross for her heroism in 2017 London terror attacks -

28 May 1972 – A team of plumbers breaks into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. for the first time, bugging the telephones of staffers. This started the Watergate scandal. -

28 May 2019 - Alister Kerr graduates with a perfect GPA -


26 May 2019 - Kaleb the police dog was part of the Queensland Police Service litter. In his 5 years he has been with the service, he has been part of countless successful tracks and apprehensions. Kaleb like all QPS dogs lived at home with his handler Sergeant Trevor O’Neill and are part of their family and the bond between handlers and their dogs makes them inseparable. Sergeant Trevor O’Neill was absolutely devastated by the loss of his dog, partner and mate. -

28 May 1843 – Noah Webster, American lexicographer, textbook pioneer, English-language spelling reformer, political writer, editor, and prolific author. He has been called the "Father of American Scholarship and Education". His blue-backed speller books taught five generations of American children how to spell and read. Webster's name has become synonymous with "dictionary" in the United States. In 1806, Webster published his first dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language. The following year, he started working on an expanded and comprehensive dictionary, finally publishing it in 1828. He was very influential in popularizing certain spellings in the United States. He was also influential in establishing the Copyright Act of 1831, the first major statutory revision of U.S. copyright law. He died at 84 in New Haven, Connecticut -

28 May 1998 - Phil Hartman, Canadian-American actor, comedian, screenwriter and graphic artist. Hartman garnered fame in 1986 when he joined the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. He won fame for his impressions, particularly of President Bill Clinton, and he stayed on the show for eight seasons. Given the moniker "The Glue" for his ability to hold the show together and help other cast members, Hartman won a Primetime Emmy Award for his SNL work in 1989. He voiced various roles on The Simpsons, most notably Lionel Hutz from seasons 2–9 and Troy McClure from seasons 2–10. Other Simpsons characters included Lyle Lanley, Mr. Muntz and minor characters. He also had roles in the films Houseguest,Sgt. Bilko,Jingle All the Way, Small Soldiers and the English dub of Kiki's Delivery Service. He died of homicide at 49 in Encino, Los Angeles, California -

Famous Birthdays

27 May 1922 - Sir Christopher Lee, English actor, singer and author. With a career spanning nearly 70 years, Lee was well known for portraying villains and became best known for his role as Count Dracula in a sequence of Hammer Horror films, a typecasting situation he always lamented. His other film roles include Francisco Scaramanga in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun,Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001–2003) and The Hobbit film trilogy, and Count Dooku in the second and third films of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Always noted as an actor for his deep, strong voice, Lee was also known for his singing ability, recording various opera and musical pieces between 1986 and 1998, and the symphonic metal album Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross in 2010, after having worked with several metal bands since 2005. The heavy metal follow-up Charlemagne: The Omens of Death was released on 27 May 2013, Lee's 91st birthday. He was honoured with the "Spirit of Metal" award at the 2010 Metal HammerGolden Gods Awards ceremony. He was born in Belgravia, London -

27 May 1971 - Paul Bettany, English-American actor. He is known for his voice role as J.A.R.V.I.S. and as Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He first came to the attention of mainstream audiences when he appeared in the British film Gangster No. 1, and director Brian Helgeland's film A Knight's Tale. He has gone on to appear in a wide variety of films, includingA Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, the adaptation of the novel The Da Vinci Code and many other movies. He was born in London -

28 May 1524 - Selim The Second, also known as Sarı Selim ("Selim the Blond") or Sarhoş Selim ("Selim the Drunk"),was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1566 until his death in 1574. He was a son of Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Hürrem Sultan. The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica article on him remarks that he was "the first sultan entirely devoid of military virtues and willing to abandon all power to his ministers, provided he were left free to pursue his orgies and debauches." He was born in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire -

28 May 1908 – Ian Fleming, English author, journalist and naval intelligence officer who is best known for his James Bond series of spy novels. While working for Britain's Naval Intelligence Division during the Second World War, Fleming was involved in planning Operation Goldeneye and in the planning and oversight of two intelligence units, 30 Assault Unit and T-Force. His wartime service and his career as a journalist provided much of the background, detail and depth of the James Bond novels. Fleming wrote his first Bond novel, Casino Royale, in 1952. It was a success, with three print runs being commissioned to cope with the demand. Eleven Bond novels and two collections of short stories followed between 1953 and 1966. The novels revolved around James Bond, an officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6. Bond was also known by his code number, 007, and was a commander in the Royal Naval Reserve. The Bond stories rank among the best-selling series of fictional books of all time, having sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Fleming also wrote the children's story Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang and two works of non-fiction. In 2008, The Times ranked Fleming 14th on its list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945". Fleming's creation has appeared in film twenty-six times, portrayed by seven actors. He was born in Green Street, London -

28 May 1968 - Kylie Minogue, Australian-British singer, songwriter and actress. She achieved recognition starring in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, where she played tomboy mechanic Charlene Robinson. Appearing in the series for two years, Minogue's character married Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) in an episode viewed by nearly 20 million people in the United Kingdom, making it one of the most watched Australian TV episodes ever. Since then, Minogue has been a recording artist and has achieved commercial success and critical acclaim in the entertainment industry. Minogue has been recognised with severalhonorific nicknames, most notably the "Princess of Pop". She is recognised as the highest-selling Australian artist of all time by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). She was born in Melbourne,Victoria -

31 May 1683 - Jean-Pierre Christin, French physicist, mathematician, astronomer and musician. His proposal in 1743 to reverse the Celsius thermometer scale (from water boiling at 0 degrees and ice melting at 100 degrees, to where zero represented the freezing point of water and 100 represented the boiling point of water) was widely accepted and is still in use today. He was a founding member of the Académie des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Lyon and served as its Permanent Secretary from 1713 until 1755. His thermometer was known in France before the Revolution as the thermometer of Lyon. One of these thermometers was kept at the Science Museum in London. He was born in Lyon -

Events of interest

28 May 1959 - Monkeys Able & Baker zoom 300 miles (500 km) into space on Jupiter missile, become 1st animals retrieved from a space mission -

28 May 1961 - Last trip (Paris to Bucharest) on the Orient Express -

29 May 1953 – Edmund Hillary and SherpaTenzing Norgay became the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest, on Tenzing Norgay's (adopted) 39th birthday. -

29 May 1999 – Space Shuttle Discovery completes the first docking with the International Space Station.




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