Stimulation, EVE Online & Cowboy Bebop

Hello and welcome back once again, we hope that everyone is having a fabulous time. This week we celebrate many achievements that are pure catnip for Nerds, to start with the eventual launch of the Falcon heavy rocket, also the first image of a black hole, my goodness, so much interstellar goodness. The first topic up this week is about electrical stimulation of the brain and how it can help improve memory. Now that doesn’t mean that any students should go out and start electrocuting themselves…although we all know that one person we want to zap. Research is still being developed on application of electrolysis in the treatment of Alzheimers and other issues, and NO, do not got out and electrocute the elderly, that is not cool. Next up we look at a lawyer and a lobbyist who has been banned from Eve online, apparently he claims to be innocent. It is all a misunderstanding or something is his defence, please I used that when I was 8 as an excuse, surely he can do better. Next he will be saying it was his dog did it. Then DJ has news about the cast being announced for the live action series of Cowboy Beebop. We are all nervous but hopefully this one will work, of course we aren’t holding our breathe. After all, they have to get one right eventually don’t they? What do you think is the worst live action adaption from anime? Drop us a line and let us know, also which is you favourite anime you would recommend? Then we have the games of the week, shout outs, remembrances, events of interest, and birthdays. Hot diggedy do, now that is looking like a great show. As always, take care and look out for each other and stay hydrated.


Electrical Stimulation -

Lobbyist banned on EVE -

Cowboy Bebop cast announced -

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Other topics discussed

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)


ECT wipes 30 years of person’s memory


Soviet Union aka CCCP


Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop character)


Death Note (2017 Netlfix film)


Ghost in the Shell (2017 film)


Katie Bouman: The woman behind the first black hole image



5th – 7th Apr 2019 – Melbourne Supanova 2019, Shaun from Comics2movies was there. -

7 Apr 1832 – Local farmer Joseph Thompson, a local farmer who was married in the year 1829, to his present wife was sold to Henry Mears, a pensioner, for the sum of 20 shillings and his Newfoundland dog -

10 Apr 2019 – Falcon Heavy Rocket launch -


9 Apr 1926 – William Henry Johnson also known as Zip the Pinhead, was an American freak show performer famous for his tapered head. He was born one of six children to a very poor African-American family. His parents were William and Mahalia Johnson, former slaves. As he grew, his body developed normally but his head remained small. His tapering cranium and heavy jaw made him attractive to agents from van Emburgh's Circus in Somerville, New Jersey. His unusual appearance caused many to believe that he was a "pinhead", or microcephalic. It is estimated that during his 67 years in show business, Zip entertained more than one hundred million people. He died of bronchitis at 68 in New York, New York -

9 Apr 1959 - Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were completed. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. His famous works include Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum aka The Guggenheim and Fallingwater. He died of surgical complications at 91 in Phoenix, Arizona -

11 Apr 2007 – Ronald C. Speirs, a United States Army officer who served in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. He was initially assigned as a platoon leader in B Company of the 1st Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Speirs was reassigned to D Company of the 2nd Battalion prior to the invasion of Normandy in June 1944 and later assigned as commander of E Company during an assault on Foy, Belgium after the siege of Bastogne was broken during the Battle of the Bulge. Speirs also served in Korea, where he was assigned both as a rifle company commander and as a staff officer. He later became the American governor for Spandau Prison in Berlin. He reached the rank of captain while serving in the European Theater during World War II, major during the Korean War and retired as a lieutenant colonel. Speirs was portrayed in the television miniseries Band of Brothers by Matthew Settle. He died at 86 in Saint Marie, Montana -

Famous Birthdays

9 Apr 1806 - Isambard Kingdom Brunel, English mechanical and civil engineer who is considered "one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history", "one of the 19th-century engineering giants", and "one of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution, [who] changed the face of the English landscape with his ground-breaking designs and ingenious constructions". Brunel achieved many engineering firsts, including assisting in the building of the first tunnel under a navigable river and development of SS Great Britain, the first propeller-driven, ocean-going, iron ship, which, when built in 1843, was the largest ship ever built. Brunel built dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship, and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering. Born in Portsmouth,Hampshire -

9 Apr 1926 – Hugh Hefner, American magazine publisher and life-stylist. He was the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, a publication with revealing glamour photographs and sensational articles that provoked charges of obscenity. The first issue of Playboy, published in 1953, featured Marilyn Monroe in a nude calendar shoot and sold over 50,000 copies. Hefner extended the Playboy brand into a world network of Playboy Clubs. He also resided in luxury mansions where Playboy ‘playmates’ shared his wild partying life, fuelling keen media interest. An advocate of sexual liberation and freedom of expression, Hefner was a political activist in other causes; those causes included the Democratic Party, First Amendment rights, animal rescue, and the restoration of the Hollywood Sign. Born in Chicago, Illinois -

10 Apr 1915 – Harry Morgan, American actor and director whose television and film career spanned six decades. Morgan's major roles included Pete Porter in both December Bride and Pete and Gladys; Officer Bill Gannon on Dragnet; Amos Coogan on Hec Ramsey; and his starring role as Colonel Sherman T. Potter in M*A*S*H and AfterMASH. Morgan appeared in more than 100 films. Born in Detroit, Michigan -

10 Apr 1929 - Max Von Sydow, Swedish-born French actor. He has held French citizenship since 2002. He has appeared in many European and American films in several languages, including Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Von Sydow has appeared in well over a hundred films and TV shows. His famous works include Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told, Father Lankester Merrin in The Exorcist, Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon, the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again, Liet-Kynes in Dune, Lamar Burgess in Minority Report, Josiah Kane in Solomon Kane, Sir Walter Loxley in Robin Hood and the Three-eyed Raven in Game of Thrones. Born in Lund, Sweden -

Events of Interest

9 Apr 1959 – NASA introduces America’s first astronauts to the press -

10 Apr 1912 – The Titanic makes it maiden voyage -

11 Apr 1970 – Apollo 13 launched to the Moon -


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