S2 Ep15: 'If You Were Fat"

This week we tackle a particularly challenging song with the help of fellow creative, Jay Bloodsworth.

If You Were Fat Lyrics


I’m not the brightest star in the sky

But you are

You could have had your pick of all the other guys

But you didn’t go that far

And I’ll never know why

Cos quite frankly I


Am an apathetic

Quite pathetic

You needing

Over-touching shmoe

Who needs

A little to much attention

I love you

Nothing can change that.

Not even if you were fat (you were fat x3)

Not even fatter than me (fatter than me x3)

Ooo can you feel it?

Oh, oh a little to the left now



And I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed

That’d be you

You could have chosen with your heart and not your head

So that’s what you chose to do

Which has left me slightly confused

Cos baby you


Are a smooth talking

Sexy walking

Woman with the power to get me gawking

Girl, the fact that you aint left me

makes me love you more every day

And I’ll keep it up until the end of time

Trust me girl, if you were fat I wouldn’t leave you

But in a personal preference kind of way

I’m glad you’re not

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