S2 Ep 1: 'Flowers in a Letter'

The boys are back in the saddle with another terrible song! This time accompanied by our righteous podcast father, Zane!

Flowers in a Letter Lyrics:



Verse 1

Society dictates that we are weird

But quite frankly I love it

A normal person would ease it in

But jigger me, you shove it

Pre chorus

I love the way that we work in the sense we kind of don’t

I love the way that you put things in places they just won’t


Cos I’m your servant, you’re my master

You got the picture faster

Than the last person who had me on the chain

Misery makes me happy

And you’re paying attention I see

Cos no-one out there’s better at causing me pain

But don’t refrain

Cos I love it

Pop shove it

Verse 2

What I love about you is your mind

Imagination beyond belief

You come up with such creative ways

To cause me such grief

Can I just say the best way for a 

guy to get his kicks

Throw away your inhibitions

Get a five foot dominatrix

Pre chorus

As you were yanking on my chain, I felt something new

To my surprise I’d found that I’d fallen in love with you

I told you that I love you but you shut that down quick

That night I felt the sore end of a flaming candle stick!


Cos I’m your servant, you’re my master

Crack the whip and I’ll go faster

I got rubber corsets on the brain

I sent you flowers in a letter

You screamed ‘Goddamn you better 

not try that again!’

And I won’t try that again


You’re in control and you know it

I love you but I can’t show it

In this day and age, it’d be too weird

The cause of my depression

Is that you are under the impression

That a mistress has got to be feared

(But never the less!)


Cos I’m your slave and you’re my mistress

And I’m in distress

I am scared that this is how it’s gonna go

This song is not a plea

It’s just so you’re on the same page as me

And one day you might love me back (ooo)

One day you might love me back (ooo)

One day you might love me back you never know

You never know


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