Ep 7: 'Rose Garden'

Join us on a sugar-fuelled journey into the minds of two dinguses. Christmas songs, special guests, and ice-cold burns.



-spoken word-

One more time, one more time


Verse 1

When the world just gets too hard

I go to my rose garden

And I sit and lat the fragrance take me away


I could spend hours

Lying amongst the flowers

And thinking back to a happier time

On the days when the world is grey



Ooo x3

Rose garden

An escape form time and space


Verse 2

They always give me the time of day

So in my own way

I do what I can to help them out


Sometimes it’s a test of my metal

Living amongst the petals

You might call that girly

But I guess thats what it’s all about



Ooo x3

Rose garden

An escape form time and space


Verse 3

Sometimes a thorn will make me cry

And I’ll wish that all those roses die

Keeping flowers alive can seem so futile


The pain may be real

But wounds they do heal

My flowers are always there for me

The feeling should be mutual


Chorus (key change)

Ooo x3

Rose garden

An escape form time and space

Ooo x3

Rose garden

It’s funny how such little things

Can turn my feelings, make me sting


Spoken word:

Ooo! Rose garden! 

You’re an escape form both time and space aren’t you?

And ooo! Rose garden!

It’s funny how such little things can turn my feelings and make me sting, isn’t it?

But whenever we’re together we have the most wonderful time!

We have so much fun! 

Oh I love you rose garden!

…Got any snuff?! …Any per chance?

Any snuff, anyone?!


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