Ep 5: 'No Words'

This week young Alex flexes his metaphorical muscles and lists all four of his love interests good qualities!


Verse 1

I think the human race has run out of ways

For me to tell you this

But I’m gonna try to tell you anyway

Cos I can’t risk losing you


Verse 2

Cos you have the voice of an angel

And your eyes shine like the moon

You’ve got a warmth about you just like the sun

And a smile that lights up the room



How it is I alluded telling you this

The answer alludes me


Verse 3

And the human race has still run out of ways

But listen please, I need you to

I want you to be with me for the rest of your days

That’s right, I’m saying I love you


Verse 4

And it’s funny how the human race will never change

Just like I won’t stop loving you

You’ll always have the voice of an angel to me

And your eyes will always shine like the moon



Listen to me please

I am on my bended knees

Listen to these cries from my soul

Please don’t let me leave here alone


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