Ep 10: 'Waiting' ft. Peter Harvey

This week we're in the studio with Peter Harvey from Homefront!

Check out Homefront at Leave this Town pop-punk festival!




Waiting for you is like staring at the stars on a cloudy night.

Waiting for you is like trying to leap to mars with no means of flight.

Every day, I think about you all the time, but I guess it goes unnoticed

like those colours in a blackout...


The light goes down, the night comes out

the queue disperses but I'm still waiting in line

the moon comes up, the day is waining

and I'm still waiting waiting waiting.


Every moment was wasted on your heart

Every fear became reality

Every time I thought about you "loving" me

I must've just imagined, like those colours in a blackout.


The moon is up, the stars are out

but clouds are forming, the rain is pouring down on me

but as it clears, the night is fading

but I'm still waiting waiting waiting


I close my eyes, its the only way I see you

standing there in front of me

I turn away, 'cause you're not really there

just like the colours in a blackout


Waiting for you personified infatuation

waiting for you helped define imagination

wasted hours i thought about you finding me

guess I never really mattered

like those colours in a blackout

I guess you just ignored me

like those colours in a blackout

its a shame, you could have known me.

and those colours in a blackout...


The moon goes down, the sun comes out

one day older, but not much wiser

but I know what's what, and I know what's not

so I'm done waiting waiting waiting

waiting for you.



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