Ep 1: 'Amazing'

Alex and James set off on their cringey journey through the past and what a song to start on. With low production quality and claims of immortality, Alex's song 'Amazing' is a good omen of the terrible songs to come.




I may seem quite down but that doesn’t matter now

Cos you can’t see me

Nobody sees me


Look at me and you’ll see,

I’m not trying to be some prodigy

This was just something for me

To do when I had time to kill


But now I am so lonely, 

it means so damn much more to me,

I’m gonna master my skill



So that’s why

When I die

Look for me up in the sky

It’ll be amazing



I haven’t left my mark,

But that’s cos this is the start,

Of a life that’s going to be filled with joy


Make a life, settle down

In some tiny little town

Try to raise myself a girl and a boy

It’ll be amazing


I’ve never had much luck

With the people in my life

Just you wait and see

That’ll change for me

At a speed quite befitting to me


In practise and in theory

I think it’ll be quite scary

But every single ounce of me

Can tell that it is gonna be amazing



So that’s why

When I die

Look for me up in the sky

It’ll be amazing



You’ll be surprised when I 

transform right before your eyes

Like a butterfly


Into someone I can be proud of

There’ll be a giant crowd of people

 they’ll be calling my name


And their reason for being there

Will all be the same

It’ll be amazing


Spoken: hello everyone if you’d like to give it up for Alex smith. Yes!

Huh I’ve forgot the words. Ok let’s examine these lyrics shall we? 'So that’s why when I die’ I’m not gonna die. Ok as long as all of you believe in rock I am not gonna die! Rock on!



I think I wrote this song

To be heard by one person

But it isn’t the person I think


After a while of thinking it over

I think you will agree

That the person I wrote this song for

Is me

Isn’t that amazing?


Not to be depressing

But this song is not progressing

In a manner that I would have planned


I should have got the point across

But now I feel that point is lost

So allow me, to give you a hand



That’s why when I die

Look for me up in the sky

It’ll be amazing

It’ll be amazing


And that’s why when I die

I’ll transform like a butterfly

It’ll be amazing

It’ll be amazing



It’ll be amazing

(You guys just wait and see it’ll be amazing)

It’ll be amazing

(Seriously I’m gonna be famous)

It’ll be amazing

(I’m gonna be fricken famous!)

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