Ghosts in the Land of Oz, Halloween 2018

For this Very Special Episode of Murder in the Land of Oz, the girls take you on an auditory tour of some of Australia’s most haunted locations. From the isolated cells of the Separate Prison in Tasmania’s Port Arthur to a row of poinciana trees in Darwin where a wraith waits to devour the guts of men (mood), we’re going around this great southern land to hear the spookiest tales of those who remain on Earth after death.

We talk about death a lot on this show, but for some, death is just a footnote in the story of their time on Earth. Australia is full of places where humans have suffered terribly at the hands of their fellow man, and their impression can be felt. Whether it’s supernatural in nature or just human empathy depends on what you believe.

PODCASTER’S NOTE – Hi guys, Ellen here. As mentioned in the episode, I emailed renowned paranormal investigator and historian Allen Tiller to fact check a few spurious claims that were presented in some blogs I read and that I repeated in the episode, and to my unbelievable surprise he responded – but not until after we recorded the episode.

There is no record of any large-scale mining accident in Kapunda, and the body racks are a zesty but untrue tale put forward by a blogger eager for clicks. I would also like to clear the name of Dr Matthew Blood, who I can confirm never experimented on his patients, but Allen informed me he has indeed been sighted at the Kapunda Hotel on at least one occasion.

Due to the incredibly large but incredibly low quality number of sources used for this episode, I’m just going to link one fairly non-spurious article per location. Further research is encouraged. I would like to also note that we drastically lowered our journalistic standards for this episode. Where you usually find books and case files, be warned: here be blogs.

QUEENSLAND: Boggo Road Gaol

NEW SOUTH WALES: Monte Cristo Homestead

VICTORIA: Beechworth Asylum

TASMANIA: Port Arthur

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: North Kapunda Hotel

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: The Shipwreck of the Alkimos