The Port Arthur Massacre

For our second Tassie episode, we cover one of the worst mass shooting in Australian history.

The shooter was Martin Bryant, a 25 year old man with the IQ of an eleven-year-old. Having the mind of a child didn’t stop him from getting his hands on a bunch of semi-automatic weaponry and murdering 35 people and wounding 23 more at Port Arthur Historic Site on April 28, 1996, though.

The massacre lead to a massive overhaul of Australia’s gun control laws. The ability to purchase firearms were severely restricted, and the government initiated a buyback scheme that saw over 600,000 guns taken off the streets. See guys? Gun control is possible! You can do it too!


Quite often, the Port Arthur massacre is used either as a reason for Australians to pat ourselves on the backs and say well done for gun control, or as an example of just where government intervention in Australia went mad.

Wherever you lie on the debate, it’s important to remember that the massacre isn’t just a political beach ball. Whatever certain whackadoo politicians might think, the Port Arthur massacre was a very real, very tragic chapter in Australian history, and the victims and survivors deserved to be remembered with respect.

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