The Murder of Anita Cobby

Take a drink every time we tell a story about a young women murdered while walking home. And then keep drinking to help dull the pain.

This week we cover the murder of beauty pageant queen, nurse, and all-around angel Anita Cobby, who’s life was tragically cut short by a gang of absolute sickos who pulled her into a car when she was walking home one evening. This episode is low on banter and high on absolute tragedy, so if you’re in a rough mood… maybe save this one for later.

On Feburary 4th, 1986, the body of former beauty queen Anita Cobby was found lying in a paddock in western Sydney. She had been savagely beaten, raped and murdered. The alarm was raised and in one of the most effective investigations in New South Wales police history, her killers were found within a few short weeks.

The people of Australia were outraged to hear about the level of violence inflicted on Anita, and were disgusted by the cavalier attitudes shown by the men who committed the crime, even though four out of the five perpetrators tried to put the blame onto one man, John Travers, who was a uniquely sick individual with a history of violent crime.

The parents of Anita Cobby founded the Australian Homicide Victims Support Group, which you can visit here

Our main source this week was the lush Anita Cobby: The Crime that Shocked The Nation by Alan J. Whitaker which you can read about here

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