The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay Part Two

In Part Two of our investigation into the murder of Allison Baden-Clay, ya girls discuss the absolute gall of a man who so obviously killed his wife to appeal that decision in the first place, the absolute legend that is Bevan Slattery, and we get a little serious to discuss domestic violence and the impact this case has had on Australia’s slow but steady change in the way we understand domestic and family violence.

Gerard Baden-Clay was found guilty of Allison’s murder, but you know what they say: you can never keep a good Scout down. Or a very, very bad one.

People were horrified when Gerard successfully appealed his murder conviction. Manslaughter didn’t seem to really apply to a guy who hid his wife’s body in a creek bed and then lied about it for two years. The people weren’t satisfied with the resolution, and they let their voices be heard. Thousands gathered for a protest in Allison’s honour, a petition garnered tens of thousands of signatures, and the message went all the way up to future Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who, in a move that should have been an indication of his tenure of PM, did absolutely nothing.

This episode is dedicated to Allison Baden-Clay and all the victims of domestic violence who have had their lives taken away. We hope that by keeping the conversation going, we can educate and inform others so that what happened to Allison never happens again.



The bulk of the information for this episode was taken from David Murray’s outstandingly excellent book, The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay, a fantastic addition into anyone’s true crime library.

The Courier-Mail archives have a huge range of articles written by David Murray and other journalists which can be accessed here if you have a Courier-Mail subscription.

The judgment from Gerard’s appeal can be found here

You can donate to the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation here