The Lesbian Vampire Killers

Tracey Wigginton was convicted of murdering Edward Baldock and trying to drink his blood. Tracey wasn’t just a regular old murderer, you see. She was a vampire, a night stalker, one of the Devil’s children, who needed to feed on the sweet nectar of life to sustain herself.

At least, that’s what her vampire coven believed. And they believed in her enough to help her take another human life.

On this episode of Murder in the Land of Oz, your girls talk about mind control, why men don’t think women can murder, and of course, our shameful teenage vampire phases. We renounce Twilight, but Buffy is still cool.

On October 20, 1989, Edward Baldock was violently murdered. It was a tragedy, but the media had an absolute field day when it was discovered that his killers were a coven of wannabe vampire lesbians. Readers couldn’t get enough of the Lesbian Vampire Killers, and the story made international news. Some people were titillated, others were terrified. Were cults of lesbian vampires coming for you?

Tracey Wigginton and three others were arrested for the murder. Tracey’s three accomplices quickly turned on her, saying they were compelled by Tracey to commit the crime. While Tracey got life imprisonment with a minimum of 13 years, her accomplices got barely more than a slap on the wrists. So were these women really compelled by Tracey to help her murder an innocent man? Or did the accomplices take advantage of the burgeoning Satanic Panic to make Tracey take the fall?


Our main source this week was Great Crimes and Trials: Lesbian Vampires Killers, which you can partake of here

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