REPRISE: Newsies with Will Hinz

It is time to go back and re-listen to one of our favourite Disney Broadway shows, Newsies! With one of our favourite Broadway nerds Will Hinz!

“As choreographed by Christopher Gattelli, they keep coming at us in full-speed-ahead phalanxes, fortified by every step in a Broadway-by-the-numbers dance book... Mr. a natural star who has no trouble holding the stage, even without pirouettes... Mr. Feldman’s lyrics are spot-on, while the melody reminds us just how charming a composer Mr. Menken...can be.” - Ben Brantley of The New York Times

This week Julie, Miranda, and Zane will chat with Will Hinz about which of life's truths can be gleaned from Newsies!


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IMDb - 1992, 2017


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