Reprise: Little Shop of Horrors with Lauren Ware

Part of our new Reprise Series we are bringing back some of our favourite episodes from the archives.

Julie made no secret of her love for Little Shop of Horrors when we last spoke about it with Lauren Ware and so she wanted to delve into those blood and flower strewn waters once again.

This week Julie, Miranda, and Zane will chat with Lauren Ware about which of life's truths can be gleaned from THe Little Shop of Horrors!


Wiki - Musical, Film (1986), Film (1960)

IMDb - 1986, 1960



Rick MoranisEllen GreeneVincent GardeniaSteve MartinBill MurrayJim BelushiLevi StubbsTichina ArnoldMichelle WeeksTisha CampbellJohn CandyChristopher Guest,  Frank OzLee WilkofHy AnzellRon TaylorAlan MenkenHoward Ashman


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