Reprise: The Light in the Piazza with Jonathan Hickey

Part of our new Reprise Series we are bringing back some of our favourite episodes from the archives.

Miranda loved talking family, love and hats when we spoke to Jonathan about Light in the Piazza and so she wanted to relive those glory days with our listeners again.

This week Julie, Miranda and, Zane will chat with Jonathan Hickey about which of life's truths can be gleaned from the modern classical musical - The Light in the Piazza!

Critic John Simon, in New York magazine, wrote: "Anyone who cares about the rather uncertain future of this truly American genre should — must — see the show, think and worry about it, and reach his or her own conclusions . . . Craig Lucas’s book seems perfectly adequate to me, but the emphasis must be on Adam Guettel’s music and lyrics . . . the music, though fluctuating between the Sondheimesque and offbeat but still Broadwayish and the art-songlike and even operatic, is steadily absorbing, even if only intermittently melodious. One duet, “Let’s Walk,” is an unqualified hit, but the rest, without fully cohering, is also arresting. Ted Sperling and Guettel’s jaunty orchestrations add to the slightly disorienting but wholly fascinating harmonies and instrumentation."


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