Reprise: Assassins with Jessica Kate Ryan and Patrick Aiken

You can’t go wrong with more Sondheim! so let’s hark back to the best of times, when we spoke about the sometimes-underrated political musical Assassins.

This week Kristen and Zane will chat with Jessica Kate Ryan and Patrick Aiken about which of life's truths can be gleaned from Sondheim’s most political musical, Assassins!






 Victor GarberTerrence MannPatrick CassidyDebra MonkGreg GermannAnnie Golden, Marc Kudisch, Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Cerveris, Denis O'Hare, James Stacy Barbour, Becky Ann Baker, Alexander Gemignani, Mario Cantone, Catherine Tate, Aaron Tveit, Steven Pasquale, Alex Brightman, Cory Michael Smith

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