Season 3 Episode 1 - A Rude Awakening

We are back with our third and FINAL Season!

Our Heroes have fled their home city and, in fact, their whole planet! They are on their way to the moon in a hijacked machine of mass destruction. James is comatose after Pan ripped itself from his brain, Gwen has been making the most of this relatively peaceful time with her children, Dashbold has been reconnecting with Gretta, Melina with Cornell Oathusk and Black patty has been catching up on his drinking.

But now the moon approaches and their rag-tag team must reconcile with what awaits them there.

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Players: Isaac Joekong, Jack Cliff, Miranda Selwood, Nick De Villiers, Sebastian Briguglio 

Dungeon Master: Zane C Weber

Recorded and Produced by Zane C Weber


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