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This week's art was submitted by artist Mischi. You can find them on Twitter on @MischiArt

So, without further ado, let us introduce Truffle!

This weeks image was submitted by artist Mischi, @MischiArt ; if you have artwork that you would like to submit just send us a link on twitter, facebook or email! 

This weeks image was submitted by artist Mischi,@MischiArt; if you have artwork that you would like to submit just send us a link on twitter, facebook or email! 


Truffle is a Drow wizard who was adopted by Svirfneblin at the age of 6 (Deep Gnome) parents from an orphanage in Untherlass. She has limited memories of her life in drow civilization or how she arrived in Untherlass. Her early memories are of cave mushrooms, a spider crown, and violent event that is painful and difficult to remember. Her parents are called Feldspar and Bellis Seamfinder.

Truffle sat in the Red Banner & Fern, a modest establishment near the wizard university that served her free coffee every day (thanks to the manager is a good friend of her fathers). Which was good, because she definitely needed the coffee to keep up with all the work she had to do for professor Mallory at the university and definitely couldn't afford to drink at a place like this every day. Though today she was just relaxing before meeting the person she would be escorting as part of her latest contract underground.

She took in the atmosphere, listening to the sounds of the city, the beauty of the ferns mingling with thing red ribbons, the sun coming in through the windows. She stretched out and closed her eyes.

She drifted off into another world, one largely devoid of light, a world before she could remember fully but one she knew she had lived in. It was dark, cold, wet, and warm all at the same time. It swaddled her in silk, kept her fed, kept her family fed. Then the world shook. She opened her eyes in surprise to see a dwarf opposite her, grinning, having just thumped himself down.

He was young, with long blond hair and beard with ornate bronze caps at the end of his many braids. "So I hear yer Truffle Seamfinder, the university's resident spelunker".

She crossed her arms and tersely replied: "You could say that." She hated being surprised.

"Excellent! I'm Rurik". He held out his hand to shake and she took it. He smiled and there was an awkward silence for a moment.

", Seamfinder, that your last name, or a title?" Rurik said.

"I was adopted, its the last name of my parents." She replied.

"So what about Truffle, whats the story about that name, then?"

She smiled. "My parents gave it to me because they say I'm a rare treasure that grew on the earth" she then changed the subject.

"Let's get down to business. I have read your itinerary. You want to go down into the Lubberk mine north of the city and so you need a guide, may I ask why you want to go there".

"Uh, well. I'm interested in heading down into an old mine... for personal reasons. I want to stretch my legs and see them tunnels for myself, to get close to my roots..." He trailed off, perhaps realising how silly it sounded.

"So... like a holiday for a dwarf? "

"You could say that I have a map and I have supplies. I'm actually ready to go right now but I suppose I can wait, oh!" He put a large pouch on the table. "Lots of silver for you, too, of course."

"It is likely to be inhabited by unsavory creatures, you do know that, right?".

"I figured so, hence the hefty sum!" He replied, beaming. "And a hefty sum it is, well then - lets head off then, shall we?"

Time passed and they arrived at Lubberk mine. They went in. It was dark, but neither of them needed light to see. The walls were flat, hewn by Dwarves long ago. Dwarven engravings and runes could occasionally be seen, but as they got deeper into the mine any such decorations became rarer and gave way to rougher earth. And webs. Big webs

"I should scout ahead" Truffle announced producing a shield from her cloak.

Rurik Laughed "Ha! A wizard with a shield, that's a first, what are you so worried about?"

"Gaint Spiders. I carry a shield because you never know when something will jump out at you in places like this"

"Hmm, sounds wise. Alright, never been a fan of spiders myself, I'll wait here."

She carried on for some time, listening closely, becoming one with the darkness. She felt good. Better than she had in ages. Better than she had since that failed expedition with Lyle, the Botanist. He never did find the mushrooms he was looking for, but he did find a few new types of exploding mushroom...

She heard the faintest rasp from above, like air brushing silk.

She spun around the spider as it came down, dodging its fangs and the net of web it swung with its front legs to grapple her. She whipped out with a fire imbued chop of her wand, sending keening fire ahead and leaving one of its legs smoking on the floor.

The spider reeled, spluttered, then threw its web. It hit her directly, pinning her to the wall. She struggled at first, then spoke a word and embers burst around her and consumed the web and just in time, too.

Deadly clawed legs scythed the air in front of her and she dodged one, blocked another two with her shield but took a hit on her shoulder in return for rolling underneath and away from the monstrosity. Around came the spider and up came Truffle, arm wreathed in flames as she released a blast of blue fire into its head and blowing it away.

She drank a potion of healing and continued into the darkness. She could hear more moving ahead...

When she returned to Rurik he was asleep. When he awoke he was naturally surprised to find her bedecked in bones and other... trophies.

"Huh. To each there own, I guess." He clapped his hands together. "Well! Need any help tending you your uh, wounds?"

"No, I'll be fine, but thank-you." She fished out three more healing potions and drank them.

"By Moridin, how many spiders did you kill?"

"About eighty" truffle replied, then laughed at the surprise on his face "Go see for yourself. The mine is entirely cleared!"

"Oh, good..." He eyed the spider fangs that neatly adorned her head like a crown and then turned. As he walked away she heard him mumble under his breath "Looks like the only spider anyone has to worry about down here is her, Bloody Flaming Queen of the Spiders, she is...".

She took off her makeshift spider crown and looked at it as she prestidigitated and combed her ashen hair. "Bloody Flaming Queen of the Spiders..." she mused "I suppose that suits me well, in a way".

She smiled into the darkness. - JACK

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