People of Untherlass - Rampant Rudy (feat. Matt Garbutt)

Every week some of the players will pitch the Dungeon Master their NPC ideas and he will HAVE to pick one of them to DUN DUN DUUNNNNN... make canon. So let us know if you have any recommendations for us, OR if you would like to submit art, OR if you have your own NPC ideas for us to consider!   

This week's art was submitted by artist Matt Garbutt. You can find them on Twitter on @ArtMonkeyMG 

So, without further ado, let us introduce Rampant Rudy!

This weeks image was submitted by artist Matt Garbutt,  @ ArtMonkeyMG   ‏; if you have artwork that you would like to submit just send us a link on twitter, facebook or email! 

This weeks image was submitted by artist Matt Garbutt, @ArtMonkeyMG ‏; if you have artwork that you would like to submit just send us a link on twitter, facebook or email! 

Rampant Rudy

Rampant "Rudella" Rudy is a ranger charged with guarding the roads and travelers of the swamps south of Untherlass. She has a dire flamingo called Splenditello. The two make a bizarre couple in normal circumstances, but when the battle is joined the two dance together as one, and any feelings of incredulity regarding their partnership give way to awe - and terror, depending on what side you're on.

Rudella was trained by Elven Swamp folk and met Splenditello at an early age.

"SPLENDITELLO!!!" A young Rudy yelled, splashing heedlessly into the water to reach her beloved friend. The great flamingo lept back from her at the last moment, not wanting to be muddied, which made her lose footing and slip and fall in the water. There was a playful look in Splenditellos' eye as she got up, then fell over again. She was rather clumsy when the elves weren't testing her in battle.

The flamingo gracefully reached out with one of his legs and tapped her on the forehead. Rudy closed her eyes and linked with him, experiencing the world as he did, and suddenly wanted to dance. She looked up at him and said excitedly "Lets dance!".

To Rudy's horror Splenditello fell into the muddy water suddenly, red feathers that were not his sprouting from his neck. A dart.

Without thinking she picked up Splenditello and ran. He was heavier than he looked, but she was big and strong from the training the elves put her through every morning. She looked at her and saw a man raising firing another blowdart. It was fast but she was faster, she rolled on to her back to dodge the incoming projectile, making sure not to injure Splenditello and continued running.

She was scared for her friend and did not know what to do, but her body acted on its own and she soon found herself back at her camp. She applied an antidote mixture the elves had taught her to his wound.

She picked up her bow and hid in the reeds listening. She thought she saw about 7 people behind the one that had attacked her. She readied her great elkhorn bow. When she saw them she fired 3 arrows felling one man, injuring one and hitting the shield of another.

On they came, rushing towards her camp. There were 5 now. She fired another arrow, deftly unstrung her bow swung it around to crack into the head of a man with a pockmarked face, laying him low.

She spun it around again, in the fluid combat style the elves had taught her and crushed the neck of another. She felt a read hot pain in her right thigh, and yelled, reeling back. She was then knocked down and pinned by one man. Another ran past her towards Splenditello. She had her knife in her hands but didn't pause to wonder how it had gotten there as she slashed at the legs of the one running to no doubt kill her friend.

He fell over shrieking with a nearly severed foot. She turned to look at the attacker pinning her to the ground, but only saw a rock as he brought it down on her head. She knew no more.

She came to later, elven singing around her, her vision blurred, but she could make out Splenditello standing over her. She was dazed and could barely think. Had the elves had saved her and Splenditello?

No, that wasn't singing, but shrieking of the men on laying injured on the ground - and she was still in the camp. Blinking, her vision now un-blurred she looked closer at Splenditello.

His thin feet were read and dripping blood, but uninjured. His beak was dripping blood. In fact, the once pink flamingo was now entirely red. A deft foot flicked out, spearing through the forehead of the shrieking man.

Rudy made contact with the elves once more but was told her time with them was done. So Rudy and Splenditello traveled to Untherlass and became caravan guards for merchants and travelers trying to brave the few roads through the swamp. - JACK

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Recorded and Produced by Zane C Weber