People of Untherlass - Barrel Hillhopper and the Barrel Boys

Every week some of the players will pitch the Dungeon Master their NPC ideas and he will HAVE to pick one of them to DUN DUN DUUNNNNN... make canon. So let us know if you have any recommendations for us, OR if you would like to submit art, OR if you have you own NPC ideas for us to consider!   

So, without further ado, let us introduce Barrell Hillhopper and the Barrel Boys!

This was the open-source image inspiration for this week. If you have artwork that you would like to submit just send us a link on twitter, facebook or email! 

This was the open-source image inspiration for this week. If you have artwork that you would like to submit just send us a link on twitter, facebook or email! 

Barrel Hillhopper and the Barrel Boys

Barrel was born on a cliff farm with his beloved sister, Stieni. His mother died giving birth to his sister, and his father died from a wasting disease. He worked his hands to the bone to manage their small cliff farm. He barely made enough to survive. The next year’s harvest had just begun when a group of raiders attacked the farm. He and Stieni joined a group set up by an ex-soldier to raid the raiders. They got more money from that than even the best harvest.

After this lesson in “foraging”, Barrel met the Dwarf Baern Ungart, leader of righteous hand, a fairly successful mercenary company.  Baern gave Barrel and Stieni a home, showed Barrel how to fight, and taught them both how to read; to this day barrel quotes the maxims of famous dwarven scholars of military strategy.  Bearn became a drunkard and Barrel took on a greater and greater role in leading the company. Baern spread the rumor that Barrel had tried to kill him in a coup, and had ended up splitting the company. For 5 years, each half pretended to fight for different sides and in so doing made money from both.

But when Barrels latest employer, a Drow noble, found out about this, Steini saw an opportunity to depose Baern. Barrel did not want to betray Baern, but Steini, ever ambitious, charmed the other captains, and so barrel had no choice but to go through with the plan. Barrels feigned charge the next day turned into an actual route for Baern, whom he replaced.

In the next  10 years, Barrel fought he proved himself a masterful and heroic general. One day Barrel left Steini to oversee the last of a string of cities they had liberated for their employer, but Steini got drunk and let the soldiers ransack it. Steini and the captains spun the bloodbath as intentional to show the world that Barrel was to be feared.

Barrel was recently attacked by unknown assassins, but they were only successful in killing his beloved sister Steini. His company, now known as the Barrel Boys are currently in Untherlass and kept there by a mysterious employer who has yet to give them any specific orders. All attempts to eject the troublesome mercenaries by the council, legal or otherwise, have failed. Some of the barrel boys are Trobo the Half Orc, Joeseph the Old Human man and The Black Lark the Halfling wild card. Rowdy buggers, one and all! - JACK

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Players: Isaac Joekong, Jack Cliff, Miranda Selwood, Nick De Villiers, Sebastian Briguglio

Dungeon Master: Zane C Weber

Recorded and Produced by Zane C Weber