EPS 18: Ace-Aro Panel Part 1

Hello all our lovely podcast listeners! Today’s episode kicks off the start of a series of four asexual and aromantic specials we have put together, so get ready for an interesting set of episodes. No Megan today, however we’ve gathered 5 guests to talk to you, including returning friends Merin and Siobhan. Our new guests are

· Bek, a friend of the podcast, homoromantic asexual and all around musical theatre nerd

· Nita, our aromantic and queer graphic designer who inspired this set of episodes

· And Harry, a Lithromantic and Asexual studying Chemistry and Marketing, with a mighty taste for coffee.

Today’s episode mostly focuses on the definitions you can find in regards to asexuality and aromanticism, meaning it’s an excellent place to hop on for those who aren’t as aware on these topics. Check a listen and enjoy.

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