EPS 16: Jen

Content/Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault and Abuse, Drinking Culture, Peer Pressure, Name-ing and Shame-ing, unhealthy college cultures

For our first episode recorded in Twenty-bi-teen we talk to Jen, a bi woman with a background in education, media and communications, and an a capella choir, the QUT Aca-demics. This time we talk about University Colleges and the unhealthy cultures that can develop within, as well as the dangers that can arise when a “boys will be boys” mentality is allowed. Following this we get onto the realisation and coming out process, and some tips for those entering first year of uni, especially in a college.

In regards to the sexual assault and toxicity discussed in this episode here are some links on the topic worth looking at if you need anytone to contact on the topic, as well as good charities etc.

Reach Out



Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence counselling phone and webchat. Free 24/7


Phone: 1800 737 732

Adults Surviving Child Abuse

Telephone counselling and digital support for survivors


Phone: 1300 657 380


Telephone counselling for survivors and child protection advocacy


Phone: 1800 272 831

Living Well

Online support for male survivors of sexual assault


Kids Helpline

Up to 25 years old

Email and chat counselling


Phone: 1800 55 1800



Phone: 13 11 14

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