The Savage Lovecast, Sex Nerd Sandra, and Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan

Let's talk about sex, baby! In honour of Valentine's Day, the team at Castology wanna recommend getting down and dirty. How romantic! But before then we gotta talk about last week, namely: How Did This Get Made?, The Rubin Report and Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates. Then it's getting hot in here, with Liz gushing about Sex Nerd Sandra, Zane slipping in a bit of Savage Lovecast, and Patrick getting stimulating with Tangentially Speaking. Subscribe to us on ITUNES, STITCHER, SPOTIFY or your podcatcher of choice. Find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM.

Liz recommends: Sex Nerd Sandra

Host Sandra Daugherty is a podcasting, workshop-teaching, sexual-shame-fighting “sex nerd” and her own words describe her podcast better than Liz ever could. Many folks at first think "Sex Nerd" is just some provocative catch phrase I use to get attention. Ew no,” Sandra says on her Patreon. “In 2009, it was the only way I could efficiently communicate what I am and how I relate to the world. I was teaching a lot of BJ & orgasm classes back then and that quickly evolved into the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast (formerly on Nerdist). While I love to overshare about neato sex info, I’ve never felt like a sexpert, and always felt like a sex nerd. I hope we continue to learn together. I'm making lighthearted, curiosity-driven sex ed episodes interviewing scientists, practitioners and perverts about their passions." In earlier episodes she co-hosted with Dave Ross. She's now left the Pod Network life and you can donate to her Patreon so she can keep doing her sexy, nerdy thing.  

Liz's recommendation for Zane: Ep #35 Kiss and Make Out (Live ep).

Liz's recommendation for Pat: Ep #66 Red Hot Touch

(But Liz also thought it was hard to choose which ep to recommend which gent, so she suggested listening to both if they can).

Pat Recommends: Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan

This might be the favourite of my podcast subscriptions, it's certainly the one I recommend most. Chris Ryan first burst onto the scene in 2010 when he and his wife Cacilda Jethá co-wrote Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. I first heard Chris when he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience (naturally), where he was encouraged to start his own podcast. I've been listening to Tangentially Speaking from he beginning and am never disappointed. Chris gets all sorts of interesting people on, comedians, actors, musicians, scientists, writers, friends of his, and eccentrics he meets on his travels. I've too many favourite episodes so here's just a few: #188 Tom Spanbauer,#165 Lodhy, #204 Wim Hof, #214 Wade Davis, #254 Debra Berger, #279 Cacilda Jetha, #341 Aron Ralston

For Liz: To keep it thematic I'm going to recommend #322 Angela White

For Zane: #346 Wednesday Martin for Zane

Zane recommends: The Savage Lovecast

I have been listening to Dan Savage for years and I know he has many strong opinions about Valnetine's Day. Dan Savage is an author, a sex-advice columnist, a podcaster, a pundit, and a public speaker. "Savage Love," Dan's sex-advice column, first appeared in the The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative weekly, in 1991. The column is now syndicated to more than 50 papers across the United States and Canada. Dan has published six books. Dan’s graphic, pragmatic, and humorous advice has changed the cultural conversation about monogamy, gay rights, religiosity, and politics.

For Liz and Pat: Any episode really, all very similar.

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