A Very Fatal Murder, The Film Reroll Podcast and The Jimmy Dore Show

We made it to episode four! As always, the Zane, Liz and Patrick kick off by telling us exactly what they thought of each other's offerings from last ep: Criminal, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast. Then it's on to the first of our THEMED recommendations, and this week we're all about comedy. Liz recommends A Very Fatal Murder (because of course she find's another comedy podcast about murder), Patrick wants us to listen to The Jimmy Dore Show (because of course he's a comedy podcast about politics), and Zane recommends The Film Reroll podcast because he's all about not being predictable. Find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM. Subscribe to us on ITUNES, STITCHER, SPOTIFY or your podcatcher of choice. (And give us a review, you know you want to).

Liz recommends: A Very Fatal Murder https://www.theonion.com/c/a-very-fatal-murder

Yes even with a comedy theme, Liz has managed to link it back to murder. Does this mean she's a psychopath? Who knows! A Very Fatal Murder was The Onion's contribution to the super popular investigative journalism/documentary style murder podcasts. The format, voice over and even use of a consistent music theme take the piss out of podcasts such as Serial and Up and Vanished (we're looking at you, Payne Lindsay). It's true crime, fake murder satire.

Liz recommends: For the boys to listen to the whole series. Each of the six episodes is only ten minutes long, don't be fucking lazy.

Pat Recommends - The Jimmy Dore Show https://jimmydorecomedy.com/home/index.php/the-jimmy-dore-show-podcast/

A comedy theme? I've already recommended two podcasts hosted by comedians! Here's my third and final. The Jimmy Dore show is part of TYT Network hosted by comedian and disaffected liberal who's name appears in the title. Each week he goes of on the Democrats, the Republicans and anywhere he sees political corruption. Usually flanked by comedians Stef Zamorano and Ron Placone and featuring bang on impressions by Mike MacRae, this show delivers some of the most depressing information about the state of the world in one of the most digestible ways.

Pat recommends: any old episode, though it's always good to be up to date with who's fucking the world over so maybe the freshest.


Zane Recommends - The Film Reroll Podcast https://www.filmreroll.com/

A comedy themed episode is the PERFECT time to introduce another of my passions, tabletop RPGS. The Film Reroll is a podcast with the idea to play through movies as a table top role playing game. It is hilarious when it goes right, and even more-so when it goes wrong! The show is cast by actors, improvisers and avid gamers. For Film Reroll they are playing a system called GURPS which is Generic Universe RolePlaying System. GURPS is meant to just provide basic rules for the game so anyone could take the system and apply it to any world or in this case movie.

Zane Recommends: Any movie that you know and love, I specifically enjoyed 'From Dusk till Dawn'


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