Six Cold Feet, The Bitchery of History, Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Welcome back to the wonderful world of podcasts with your friendly* neighbourhood Castologists. (*actual friendliness may vary depending on what podcasts we've listened to this week.) No theme this week, just good old-fashioned and new-fashioned podcasts. Liz recommends scripted anthology podcast (with season one about a mysterious missing musician) Six Cold Feet; Zane chats kick-ass women from the past with The Bitchery of History; and Patrick gets into some modern philosophy with Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Liz Recommends - Six Cold Feet

The first season of this "spoken novel" style podcast focuses on a "found audio" plot device. We as the audience are listening to a man called River, recording himself while searching for his missing sister. Do yourself a favour and save episode 0, a behind-the-scenes look at the podcast, til after you've listened to the series. Liz felt there were a few things spoiled (unintentionally!) by co-collaborators J. M. Donellan and Jessica McGaw.

The website for this Brisbane podcast perhaps describes it best. "Six Cold Feet is a fiction anthology podcast about music, mystery, and the places we escape to when the real world disappoints us. Season 1 told the story of River, who is looking for his recently disappeared sister. Season 2 [which Liz has been cast in and which will premiere in September/October] follows the story of Athena, who is hired to write a biography of her hero; the mercurial singer-songwriter Juliet Knives. She quickly discovers that Knives has been keeping secrets for many years, and that she might be finally ready to confess…

Written by award-winning author and poet J.M. Donellan and performed by a cast including Melanie Zanetti, Kate Logan, Jessica McGaw, and Tom Yaxley this series will leave you pondering long after the final episode sings through your speakers."

For both: It's a serial so start at the very beginning (but not episode 0!)

Pat Recommends - Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Aubrey Marcus is an optimizer of the human variety, an author, and the CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on holistic health philosophy. Nothing out of the ordinary for me here. Longform interview stlye podcast with some of the world's formost athletes, scientists, philosophers, and then some. Each episode Aubrey and his guest try to tackle some of the biggest questions and broadest concepts. Episodes sit around the one hour mark.

For Zane & Liz: I like Adam Savage and Michael Pollan

Zane Recommends - The Bitchery of History

Another Zane-theme has emerged - Women in History. This podcast is a bit more relaxed and casual then some of the previous similar podcasts. Celebrating the women who made history, only to be forgotten by it, best friends Max and Allison discuss badass heroines and villains like two kids at the back of the bus.

For Pat: Any Episode

For Liz: Any Episode


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