Loose Units, The Veil Audio Drama, StarTalk Radio with Neil Degrasse Tyson

Hi! Welcome back to Castology. So good to see you! Pull up a chair and listen to this week's mixed back of recommendations from your friendly neighbourhood Castologists. Patrick brings a bit of Neil Degrasse Tyson to the table with StartTalk Radio, Liz picks a podcast purely because Patrick will like the name and recommends crime banter series Loose Units, and Zane takes a step through the scary door with Twilight Zone/Black Mirror-esque The Veil Audio Drama. Then it's on to last week's reviews? Will there be clashes and drama? Maybe! Maybe not also. You will have to listen to find out.

Liz Recommends - Loose Units


Paul F. Verhoven sits down with his dad John to chat all things crime in the 1980s. You see John was a cop in Sydney during the height of police corruption and boy does he have some stories. So Paul put them all into a book. BUT as the show description states: "The true crime book Loose Units, out now through Penguin Publishing (and in bookstores everywhere), had one thing it couldn't do: it couldn't fit everything. So each week, Paul and John will sit down and delve into cases too surreal, brief or contentious to fit into the book."

After literally only picking this podcast because she thought resident loose unit Patrick would find the title appealing, she fell in love with it. The banter between father and son is straight up entertaining as hell and almost veers into comedy in some eps. But some are tragic. A good all rounder with lots of crime stories from someone's dad, who always seems to sound cool and funny when he calls someone a fuckwit.

For both: I started from the start but each ep is a separate story so just pick the topic that appeals to you.


Pat Recommends - StarTalk Radio


What's better than interrupting quality family time on father's day to write show notes? Many things, presumably, but also listening to Star Talk Radio. This podcast is hosted predominantly by Neil deGrasse Tyson, world famous astrophysicist and science communicator. This podcast has a number of formats. Interview style, answering twitter questions, and whatever the Chuck Nice episodes are. These episodes average about 50 minutes, hardly 4 hours, but we'll look the other way for Neil.

For Zane & Liz: You'll figure it out


Zane Recommends - The Veil Audio Drama


Another fiction podcast from Zane! again, it is a speculative fiction podcast, but this one has a very definite sense of style and execution. The Veil is a sci-fi/horror audio-drama anthology. It's being described as a mix between The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Each episode contains a fully immersive soundscape, original score, original script from their writing team. Episodes are released every other Thursday.

For Pat: Any Episode

For Liz: Any Episode


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