Miscast Commentary, No Filter with Mia Freedman and Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Hello, welcome, pull up a chair and settle in for podcast reviews to help you choose. Zane brings the movie lover goods to the table with another listener recommendation: Miscast Commentary. Patrick listens to his girlfriend for once (or lets her do his homework, you decide) and recommends No Filter with Mia Freedman. And Liz listens to her psychologist mama like always and recommends a clinical psychology podcast with an almost voyeuristic twist with Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel.

Liz Recommends - Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel


"Our original audio series takes you into the antechamber of intimate moments. Here we learn, explore, and experience alongside the couples who have been gracious enough to let us in." This podcast takes the listener into the normally private world of therapy, with audiences able to sit in on a session conducted by world famous psychologist and couples therapy expert Esther Perel. Vulnerabilities are laid bare as we listen to situations unfold on the therapists couch in what essentially amounts to single session case studies of those involved. YES the participants applied to be a part of this so they are aware they are being recorded, and yes sometimes listening in can be a confronting experience but interjections by Esther explaining what can be gleaned from each episode is a rich well from which to draw emotional sustenance and learning.

For both: Pick an episode title that appeals to you. Each ep is a self-contained single therapy session.

Link https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/where-should-we-begin-with-esther-perel/id1237931798

Pat Recommends - No Filter with Mia Freedman


No Filter is candid conversations with people that count. That's what it says on the website anyway. I'm inclined to agree. Maybe 'candid conversations that make you cry' could work. I cried in one of the episodes. Renowned journalist Mia Freedman sits down with a vast array of people for roughly an hour and gets into the nitty gritty. There doesn't theem to be a theme other than unabashedness and honesty, and honestly, that's enough for me.

For Zane & Liz: Gabbie Stroud & Dr Naomi


Zane Recommends - Miscast Commentary Review


Miscast Commentary is about a pair of friends providing full length commentary for the movies (or the types of movies) that they watched growing up together. They talk trivia, personal stories and much more. The format is a very simple but but effective one. That of an audio commentary that the hosts record as they watch the movie. So, if you choose, you can watch along with them as they make jokes and share information about the film!

For Pat and Liz: Pick an episode that appeals!


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