Challenging Behaviors, Psychedelic Salon, and The Sugar Baby Confessionals

It's listener submission overload this episode (except for Patrick who marches to the beat of his own drum). As always we start with reviewing last week's submissions and then get to recommending new stuff. Zane's challenges the status quo with Challenging Behaviors, Liz talks about sex, baby, with the listener suggested The Sugar Baby Confessionals and Patrick gets ready to expand all our minds with Psychedelic Salon.

Liz Recommends - The Sugar Baby Confessionals

"One way or another you always pay for sex."

"We’ve all read about it in the glossies – young girls becoming Sugar Babies, swapping cash and gifts for sex, to pay their way through university. Well, what if your best friend – your best, married friend – embraced the sugar baby lifestyle – not by necessity, but by choice? Sara’s best friend, Ruby, did just that. Sexy? Scary? Judge for yourself."

Host Sara, who describes herself as vanilla, wants to get to the heart of why her best mate Ruby is so interested in living a sugar baby life. What's so interesting about this podcast is that we get to explore Ruby's adventures into sugar baby land as she embarks on it, talking all about her feelings, thoughts and fears along the way, serial style.

For both: Start from the start and listen along.

Pat Recommends - The Psychedelic Salon

Continuing on with my theme of old woo woo lectures I bring you The Psychedelic Salon. I listen to this podcast mostly for the wealth of archived Terence McKenna lectures, but there's plenty of other interesting material in here too. Like the last podcast the format is usually and introduction from the host Lorenzo, followed by a lecture. There's coverage of the lectures given at Burning Man and Palenque Norte conferences covered here as well.

For Zane & Liz: I like any old Terence McKenna talk and maybe you will too.

Zane Recommends - Challenging Behaviours

This podcast was submitted through our website! It is very focused and specific which is what I think podcasts do best. In each episode the hosts -  Jack, Tom and occasionally Adam - aim to challenge our behaviours, approaches and preconceptions toward people with disabilities and learning difficulties, while adding to the overall discussion about these subjects. And that is the main part that this cast does well. They ADD to the discussion surround these subjects and the people they effect in both a first-hand and second-hand way. They are relatively new but they are learning quickly about episode composition and sound recording and if you can get over a few inconsistencies with sound there is a lot of interesting content.

For Liz: RJ Mitte

For Pat: Frank Turner (beware varying Audio Quality)

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