And That's Why We Drink, The Drunken Taoist, Dumb People Town

We made it to our tenth episode (relatively) unscathed! This week as always we review last week's submissions, before bringing you delicious piping hot new podcasts for your approval. Because of St Patrick's Day we're all about drinking this week, with Liz recommending And That's Why We Drink, Pat offering up The Drunken Taoist Podcast and Zane rounding it off with Dumb People Town.

Liz Recommends - And That's Why We Drink

Liz finds a way to relate drinking back to a murder (and supernatural) podcast, because OF COURSE SHE DOES. And That's Why We Drink is a paranormal and true crime podcast hosted by Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz, boxed wine (aka goon) and milkshakes. Get ready for bantery and eerie ghost tales and super terrifying true crime.

Featuring the catchphrase: "The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!" 

For Zane: Episode 78

For Pat: Episode 45

For both: Episode 9 because of their tragic cultural misunderstandings on how Aussies play goon of fortune.

Pat Recommends - The Drunken Taoist Podcast

This isn't really about drinking but hey, it's got drunk in the title. This bi-monthly podcast varies in format. Sometimes it's just host and all around cool guy Daniele Bolelli ranting and raving. Other times his co host Rich Evirs will help roll things along. They'll also throw in a guest every other episode. They touch all areas but tend to steer a lot towards politics, philosophy, sex, history and all that good jazz.

For Zane & Liz: Whatever you like. But I like episodes 129, 132, 137, 145

Zane Recommends - Dumb People Town

Now, while not explicitly about drinking, the news stories featured on Dumb People Town almost always include people who have consumed too much! It’s as much an exploration as it is a celebration of dumb people doing dumb things (often in Florida). With comedians Daniel Van Kirk, Randy Sklar, and Jason Sklar (who are twins). They have a very active social media presence and most of their stories are sourced from their fan base.

For Liz & Pat: Jump in randomly!

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